Fan Favorites Cheap Eats: Ngiab Fish Ball Noodle House (Salaya branch)

Thailand (Bangkok) – Ngiab Fish Ball Noodle House) – By Montree Suntichaikul

The recommended dish for this noodle house is deep-fried & crispy fish skin with chili shrimp paste. The fish ball is one in the outstanding list I’ve ever tasted.

Currently there are two branches in Bangkok: the first one is located at Bang Khun Nont; very difficult to find the parking place. The second one is located near Mahidol University; Salaya campus, the outskirt of Bangkok but not too far to come to.

The price of fish noodle is 40 Baht (1.33 $CAD). Special free-dining once a year on the HM King birthday on every the 5th December.

Ngiab Fish Ball Noodle House (Salaya branch)

Ngiab Fish Ball Noodle House (Salaya branch)

The shop is open from 9:00am – 3:00pm.

Posted on January 6, 2011

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