Fan Favorites Cheap Eats: Ikea

USA (Houston, TX) – IKEA – TR

Yeah, that sounds funny, but we are not the only people who goes to Ikea to eat. The Ikea cafe is always packed with people! And last weekend I wanted breakfast – but cheap. Ikea delivered.

$.99 gets you about 2 scrambled eggs, 2 strips of bacon, and hashbrowns. $1.99 gets 4 scrambled eggs, 3 strips of bacon, 4 french toast sticks, and hashbrowns. Before 10am coffee is free with any breakfast meal. This isn’t advertised, so that’s your heads up.
I got the $1.99 meal, lingonberry juice (YUM!), and coffee. Total spent – $3.47. Total fed – 2. It’s definitely not gourmet. And if it wasn’t $1.99, I wouldn’t be writing in, but it was the cheap meal that I’d asked for, and the hashbrowns were great.

The dinners are awesome, too, but you really only get a great deal if you go on the weekdays because the servers give mounds of food and are really nice. The weekend dinner servers are incredibly stingy and grumpy. I had one woman remove two, TWO fries from my already sparsely decorated plate. WTF?! There’s the second heads up.

Eat well!

Posted on Novenber 14, 2009

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