Fan Favorites Cheap Eats: Kim Ga Nae

Canada (Richmond, BC) – Kim Ga Nae – By Mannie Fan

So me and 5 coworkers went…  I ordered Seafood Pancake, Jap Chae (veggies on potato noodles), Beef Bul Go Gi, Pork Rib, and Pork Bone Soup.  Verdict as follows:

Seafood Pancake:  all of maybe ~1mm thick and maybe 5 inches in diameter, has some green onions or something like that but no sign of any seafood that I can tell — nothing sizable anyways.  Crunchy, but tasted like what it looked to be — pan-fried egg-dough mixture.  Can’t imagine they call THIS a seafood pancake, as I’ve had much much MUCH better Korean seafood pancakes elsewhere.  Not recommended.  However my coworker had the Kimchi pancake which looked bigger and nicer and which she thought tasted quite good.

Jap Chae:  way fewer veggies than shown on the menu photo.  However I like potato noodles in general and in this case I did like their dish.

Beef Bul Go Gi:  I like the taste of it reasonably well, although it has a “tangier” taste than beef bul go gi I’ve had elsewhere.  I might’ve liked it better had I eaten it when it was still hot.  ‘Cuz it was cold by the time I got to it.

Pork Rib:  Yummy!  Like. 🙂  And a good portion size, as you mentioned in your post.

Pork Bone Soup:  was spicy (colour: orange) with small chunks of pork bone and potatoes, which I enjoyed.

Other coworkers ordered their Stone Bowl Rice which turned up sizzling hot and which they enjoyed; Also, Ja Jang Min with black bean sauce was well received even though the supposed noodle of the “Min” part was replaced by rice since they ran out of noodles.  They also quite liked the Spicy Rice Rolls and Chicken Wings.

The portion sizes worked out very well for me — I was full by the end of the meal.  I believe they’ve cut back on some ingredients to try to save $$, but hey, it was only $7.99 so all-in-all it was pretty good considering the price.  Me and my coworkers were happy with the bill — they haven’t had as inexpensive a meal as this in a loooonng time.  Service was decent too, not as bad as what I’ve read in other reviews.

“Bubble World” is located at #1136 – 8328 Capstan Way in Richmond, BC, and their menu is readily available in the Urbanspoon review site.

Kim Ga Nae is located at 180-4260 No. 3 Road, Richmond, V6x 2C2 (T) 604.273.4747

Posted on May 15, 2011

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