Fan Favorites Cheap Eats: Chuy’s

USA (Shenandoah, TX) – Chuy’s – By TR

With 3 of us going we spend under $20 with tip. The portions are enormous, and my husband and I always end up splitting. Everyone has left overs. The Big-As-Your-Face Burrito is seriously as big as your face and it comes covered in sauce, filled to the hilt, and accompanied by a generous portion of rice and refried beans. That’s not all we’ve had, but it’s the favorite. While you wait for your meal, there are free fresh made tortillas and salsa to eat.

Recommendation – Tres leche cake. Sooooooo goooood!

Tips to keep it cheap: Split, split, split; drink water instead of soda; eat those free tortillas. (But I doubt you could not.)

There are several in Texas. This one is on I-45 North feeder road, between College Park/242 and Research Forest/Tamina. It’s slightly hidden, so keep an eye out. Don’t get roped into the other Tex Mex places!

Service – Fantastic
Food – Excellent
Price – Very Good

Posted on July 26, 2009

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