Fan Favorites Cheap Eats: Chino Locos

Canada (Toronto, ON) – Chino Locos – By Jooli Kim

awesome. they put chow mien noodles, and all the good mexican stuff in a whole wheat burrito. i had pulled pork the first time. so good. but fish is my favourite. cheap [you get a burrito and a san pellegrino bottle drink] for under $10. enough food for the day. weighs about 5 pounds. you should tip your change. they work hard.

located in queen east. leslieville. corner of queen and greenwood. myhood. best new food in TO these days. tell them jooli sent you.

Posted on July 24, 2009

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2 thoughts on “Fan Favorites Cheap Eats: Chino Locos

  1. I live down the street from Chino Locos. I would consider myself a Burrito Connoisseur (yes, you read it right).

    I was delighted by their different approach in making burritos. I mean, Chow Mein in MY burrito? Sure, I’d give anything a shot and boy, I WAS NOT disappointed.

    One great thing about Chino Locos is the owner/proprietor, Victor, is a true blue entrepreneur of sorts and a master conversationalist.

    Besides, the great burritos Chino Locos makes, the time and effort that Victor makes in greeting all of his patrons and remembering their names is probably one of the sole reason why I go back time and time again.

    Great review!

    1. Hi Will,
      Thanks for your comments. I never been to Chino Locos myself, but I wish I were. This review was written by one of my blog reader, Jooli Kim. I love her writing style. Chow mein in burrito sounds weird yet interesting. Thanks for sharing your view on Chino Locos. I wish more people share their favorites cheap eats here. Please come visit again sometimes:)

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