Fan Favorites

Inspired by many fan comments, I decided to include a new section called “Fan Favorites.” This section is the place where anyone can share his or her favorite cheap but good eats from around the world. Please email me your submissions at Make sure you use the following format [Country (City, Province/State) – Restaurant/ Brand name – By (name)] for the headline. To submit a photo, your file needs to be prepared as follows: .jpg file at 600 pixels (width) x upto 800 pixels (height), 72 dpi.

Enjoy and Cheap Appétit

Click the link(s) below to view Fan Favorites pages:

Canada (Burnaby, BC) – James Street Grill – By Steve Ellis

Canada (Richmond, BC) – Bubble World – By Mannie Fan

Canada (Richmond, BC) – Kim Ga Nae – By Mannie Fan

Canada (Vancouver, BC) – Ba-Le Sandwich Shop (Vietnamese) – By LotusRapper

Canada (Vancouver, BC) – Hawker’s Delight Deli – By LotusRapper

Canada (Vancouver, BC) – Yummy Sushi – By Maggie

Canada (Toronto, ON) – Chino Locos – By Jooli Kim

Mexico (Zihuatanejo) – La Sirena Gorda – By George Froehlich

Thailand (Bangkok) – Ngiab Fish Ball Noodle House – By Montree Suntichaikul

USA (San Diego, CA) – La Puerta – By SkinnyTinis

USA (Syracuse, NY) – Dinosaur Bar-B-Que – By Vanilla & Thyme

USA (Beverton, OR) – Uwajimaya – By Rich Ringeise

USA (Houston, TX) – Ikea – By TR

USA (Shenandoah, TX) – Chuy’s – By TR

USA (Seattle, WA) – RoRo’s BBQ – By Henk Dawson

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Disclaimers: All Fan Favorites reviews are written and submitted by our fans. The cheapness and the taste of the food and/or products are solely determined by the reviewers. It does not necessary reflect the views of We reserve the right to reject submissions if we believe that it’s a restaurant trying to sell itself or if there’s profanity of something offensive.


92 thoughts on “Fan Favorites

  1. Great Asian Market in Beaverton(Portland) Or, called Uwajimaya.
    Lot’s of frest vegetables, fish, etc.
    Also a really good over the counter entree’s in their “restaurant’

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