Cheap Appétit Recipes

I would like to introduce a new section called Cheap Appétit Recipes. It will be a gathering place for my cheap, easy recipes and cooking shortcuts. I hope you’ll find them useful and will eventually try them out.

I’m a reluctant cook. I can’t stand the prep work and the clean up. My small space kitchen was not designed for serious cooking like grilling or pan-frying. To do so, my kitchen will be stinky for weeks. And since my kitchen is located in the same room as the living room, the closet and the bedroom, the whole place will be infested with a serious case of stinkitis. Though I can block off my bathroom and make it my safe harbor, I’d rather not spend my days in there.

Despite the above reasons, sometimes I’m forced to create my own cheap, good eats. That’s why I developed my own way of cooking. My recipes are cheap, fast and easy, yet delicious. Well… at least I think so.

Enjoy and Cheap Appétit

Click the link(s) below to view Cheap Appétit pages:

Cheap Appétit No. 001: Green Curry Mushroom with Thai Red Rice and Edamame

Cheap Appétit No. 002: Wasabi Leftover Turkey Salad Sandwich

Cheap Appétit No. 003: Red Curry Tuna with Udon Noodles (Microwave Oven Recipe)

Cheap Appétit No. 004: Mussaman Curry Turkey with Fries

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