A Pizzeria War on Abbot Street — Fresh Slice Pizza vs Uncle Fatih’s Pizza

By Tana Kosiyabong

fresh slice pizza vs uncle fatih's pizza

If you live around the International Village, you’d probably notice a pizzeria war on the 600 block of Abbot street. Fresh Slice and Uncle Fatih’s are duking it out to rule the block. Who knows how long the fight will go on. But as a cheap appetiter, I’m quite happy to take advantage of their rivalry.

fresh slice deluxe pizza with pepperoni, sausage and bell peppers

fresh slice deluxe pizza with pepperoni, sausage and bell peppers

First, let’s check out Fresh Slice. According to their website, they have been voted No. 1 pizza three years in a row by Vancouver consumers (not sure on which survey). Their interior was clean but boring. Fresh Slice sells their pizza for $1.56 (or $1.75 with HST) per slice. And on Tuesday, you only pay $1 per slice (plus HST–for limited time only).

For this Cheap Appetite mission, I chose a slice of the Deluxe pizza (see the above photos) from the warmer tray. The staff served it right straight from the warmer tray. The crust was soft and slightly chewy. (To be fair, however, the crust was crunchy on some of my previous visits.) The toppings (pepperoni, sausages and bell peppers) were sort of generic. But its value was above average.

Uncle Fatih's Spicy Chicken Pizza

Uncle Fatih's Spicy Chicken Pizza

Now let’s move on to Uncle Fatih’s pizza. Their original East Broadway location is well-loved by many locals and food bloggers on Urbanspoon. The Abbott Street branch where I visited was clean and modern. Their pizzas were priced at $2 per slice (HST included).

I couldn’t find a comparable pizza to the Deluxe on the Uncle Fatih’s warmer tray when I visited. So I chose a slice of the spicy chicken pizza instead (see the above photos). It looked a bit smaller but crunchier than the Fresh Slice’s. The pizza comes fully loaded with the toppings (chicken cubes, bell peppers, and hot peppers). Definitely a great value.

After both taste tests, I prefer Uncle Fatih’s to Fresh Slice pizza. I don’t mind paying a little extra for a generous amount of toppings. But I would be a fool not to choose Fresh Slice over Uncle Fatih’s on Tuesday.

Fresh Slice Deluxe pizza: ©©©1/4

Uncle Fatih’s Spicy Chicken pizza: ©©©1/2

Fresh Slice Pizza is located at 663 Abbott Street, Vacouver (T) 604.568.4262

Uncle Fatih’s is located at 638 Abbott Street, Vancouver (T) 604.566.9696

©2011 Tana Kosiyabong and CheapAppetite.com™. All rights reserved.

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FreshSlice Pizza (Abbott) on Urbanspoon

Uncle Fatih's Pizza (Abbott) on Urbanspoon


10 thoughts on “A Pizzeria War on Abbot Street — Fresh Slice Pizza vs Uncle Fatih’s Pizza

  1. Never tried Uncle Fatih’s (I always thought their sign read “Uncle Faith’s”), but Fresh Slice I’m quite familiar with. However FS’ flavors are rather generic and eventually all varieties start tasting the same. I also find their toppings a bit scant, and the bare crust edge a good 1″ wide.

    Not to digress too much, but I recently discovered what I feel is quite incredible, or shall I say, unforgettable, pizza. Yes, they are called Unforgettable Pizza and they are on W. 8th right across from Home Depot, Winners/Homesense. UP’s crust is amazingly thin and crispy, the tomato sauce unusually tomato-ey and flavourful, and their toppings …… unforgettable. Prices are around $2-3/slice I think. Owner is very friendly.

    Turns out there’s Fresh Slice and Uncle Fatih’s both a block away from Unforgettable (FS on Broadway @ Cambie, UF’s on W. 7th btwn Home Save-On-Foods and Canadian Tire). You can do a cheap pizza trifecta competition here !

    1. lol. I also thought it was Uncle Faith’s in the beginning. I feel the same about the Fresh Slice. Yup the crust edge is wide. you can see it in the photo! I love the Unforgettable pizza. I found it a while back when I was freelancing in the area. But I haven’t been back since. My life is normally confine to the downtown area. I know I should venture out more but I’m lazy. lol.

  2. Tana, I am with u on this one also. I love my ethnic foods and would rather have my kee mao over anything else so we only have pizza when my spouse craves it so I am very picky about my pizza intake and absolutely LOVE Uncle Fatih’s pizza, in my humble opinon, nowhere comes close and thats rite, I am making that bold statement haha.

    1. Hey imkoonta, great to see you again. I don’t eat pizza much either. I’d rather eat Pad Kee Mao:) Uncle Fatih’s is good. But it depends on timing to (so do other pizza-by-slice joints). I always welcome your comments!

  3. Had UF’s pizza last night (W. 8th @ Cambie). 2 slices + drink for $4.50 or so. One was sausage + peppers …… pretty ok. Second was potato + veggies/peppers ….. .also ok but bit bland. Toppings were generous, but the crust was a bit thick to my liking. Overall, better than Fresh Slice by a wide margin. But if Unforgettable was still open last night that’s where I would have gone !

    1. I’m glad you checked it out Lotusrapper. Yup the most impressive thing about Uncle Fatih’s is their generous toppings. Depending on timing, sometimes the crust were really crispy. lol you’re sure a big fan of unforgettable pizza.

      1. Yup, I’m a big texture person, and crispy/crunchy anything does it for me. And deep fried too, even though I’m not Scottish, lol !

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