A Great Value Meal under $4—Quarter Pound Hot Dog, Drink and Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone at Costco Food Court

By Tana Kosiyabong

Costco hot dog, drink and ice cream. All for $3.98

I was working with my friend Grant a couple of weeks ago on a freelance project at a coffee shop near Tinseltown. Around lunch time, he told me that I should check out Costco Food Court for the next Cheap Appetite mission. I was hesitated at first because I thought it was for Costco member only. I’d rather not write about the place where only a few readers can check it out. To my surprise, Grant assured me that everyone can dine there.

So we walked down the Abbott Street and turned right onto the Expo Boulevard. Costco Food Court is located just across the street from the Rogers Arena where the Vancouver Canucks play. There was already a long line of patrons when we arrived.

Five minutes later, it was our turn to order. I decided to go for the Costco quarter pound all-beef hot dog and a 20-ounce drink with free refill combo ($1.99 plus HST). You can also choose a Polish sausage hot dog for the same price. Grant ordered a grilled chicken salad ($5.99). Because everything was pre-cooked, we got our orders right away.

We grabbed my order and walk to the condiment and drink stations. There were just the good ol’ ketchup, yellow mustard, relish, chopped onions and sauerkraut. Then both of us went to sit on one of the empty picnic table in front of the cafeteria.

a healthy alternative: chicken salad with sliced apple and pecan

Grant’s grilled chicken salad looked quite impressive. The mixed veggies appeared to be fresh. It also came with a few wedges of apples and a handful of roasted pecan. The salad dressing came in a plastic pouch like what you normally get from the fast food chain. When I asked him about the salad, he simply replied “it was good.”

Costco hotdog and drink for just under $2

My hot dog was plump, juicy and beefy, but didn’t snap when bitten into. It was probably about twice as big as the 50-cent Ikea hot dogs. The sesame topped bun was decent. A comparable hot dog from one of the Vancouver street vendors would have cost around 4 bucks. The drink was just a standard soda fountain drink. But you can keep refilling until your heart’s content.

One thing I’d like to complain was that Costco Food Court doesn’t sell just a hot dog by itself. If you want two hot dogs, you have to pay for two combos. However, they do sell a 20-oz drink separately for 79 cents plus HST.

soft serve ice cream in waffle cone for just under $2

After finished the combo meal, I still had some room left in my belly. So I decided to go for a half-vanilla, half-chocolate soft serve ice cream cone ($1.99 plus HST). Again, it was about twice as big as Ikea ice cream cone. Costco served their ice cream on a thin, crispy waffle cone instead of the typical wafer alternative. For 30 cents extra, you can make it a chocolate, caramel or berry Sundae.

The soft serve was creamy and delicious. And, best of all, it wasn’t too sugary. The ice cream cone was definitely a highlight of the meal. Thanks to Costco cafeteria, from now on, I no longer need to go all the way to Ikea Richmond to get cheap hot dogs and soft serve ice cream cones anymore.

Costco Food Court Quarter-Pound All Beef Hot Dog and Drink Combo: ©©©©
Costco Food Court Soft Serve Ice Cream (half vanilla, half chocolate) : ©©©© 1/4

Costco Food Court (downtown) is located at 605 Expo Blvd, Vancouver, BC (T) 604.622.5050

©2011 Tana Kosiyabong and CheapAppetite.com™. All rights reserved.

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8 thoughts on “A Great Value Meal under $4—Quarter Pound Hot Dog, Drink and Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone at Costco Food Court

  1. Ah, been a loooong time since I had a Costco meal (quit membership about 5 yrs ago). Their foods are definitely good-valued. But I admit to liking IKEA cafeteria’s simpler, smaller and cheaper foods better (I think of them as snacks), and I’m not so keen on IKEA restaurant (upstairs) foods actually.

    1. There are some cheap dishes at the upstair IKEA too. Like Marinara pasta for a buck. 🙂 IKEA is definitely good bang for your bucks. But it’s too far out in Richmond. Costco, on the other hand, is less than 10 mins walk from my place! 🙂 I guess it depends on which one is closer to your place.

  2. I’m a Costco member so I knew about all the good deals there, but I didn’t know about the soft serve twist cone! I’ve been mourning the end of the McD’s twist cone so glad to know I can get one here 😉

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