Something Healthy’s Fresh Salad Rice Bowl with Sesame Pear Dressing — Good Concept, Bad Execution.

By Tana Kosiyabong

Fresh Salad Rice Bowl at Something Healthy Wholesome meals and Juice Bar

Every once in a while, I become mindful about what I eat. But this health-conscious stage comes and goes so fast like tornados. Earlier this week, another healthy twister has hit me again after several months in hibernation. Fortunately, I know a few restaurants nearby that suit my need. For this week Cheap Appetite mission, I decided to go on a Cheap Appetite mission at “Something Healthy Wholesome Meals & Juice Bar.” Oh my, that’s mouthful name!

I bet you can guess that Something Healthy sells healthy, wholesome dishes and drinks. To be honest, it wasn’t appeal to me when I first found the restaurant a few weeks ago. But now that I’ve been in the health-conscious mode, it suddenly becomes more interesting.

Something Healthy is located on Abbott street between Keefer street and Expo Boulevard. The poster on the front window features their new dish: Fresh Salad Rice Bowls ($5.50). The dish is prepared with romain lettuce, bell peppers, corn, red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and crasins on top of brown rice or quinoa. There are three choices of toppings (baked salmon fillet, tofu or baked chicken breast) and three choices of dressing (sesame pear, teriyaki or terragon)

Something Healthy's "Fresh Salad Rice Bowls" Poster

The featured photo looked scrumptious and the price was right. So I went in and ordered myself a Fresh Salad Rice bowl with brown rice, baked chicken breast and sesame pear dressing which sounded so really good in my little brain.

Something Healthy interior décor is clean and modern. It goes well with their healthy, wholesome business. According to the menu board, the restaurant offers more than just salad and juice. It also features several kinds of burgers (lean turkey, lean beef, salmon, tuna, grilled chicken and veggies), pizza and quesadilla. They are mostly priced under $10.

Something Healthy Fresh Salad Rice Bowl with Baked chicken and Sesame Pear Dressing

Something Healthy Fresh Salad Rice Bowl with Baked chicken and Sesame Pear Dressing

Shortly after the salad was served in a 6-inch bowl with a decent size of chicken breast on top. Although it was quite reasonable for the price, I somehow wished it could be bigger. Fortunately the meal came with brown rice on the bottom which made it more filling than the typical salad bowls of the same size. I think it’s definitely a great concept.

The chicken breast was decent, but quite dry. The veggies were fresh and the brown rice was nicely cook. The craisin added sweet and tart flavours to the dish. The most disappointing component was the sesame pear dressing. The delicate pear flavour was overpowered by the stale sesame. I couldn’t taste any rice vinegar or citrus juice either. It was definitely a dud. Perhaps just a couple squeezes of lemon juice would have saved the dish. Overall, Something Healthy fresh salad rice bowl was reasonably priced and it is a great concept. But it could have been a lot better with a tastier salad dressing. If I ever go for this dish again, I would try the teriyaki dressing instead.

Something Healthy Fresh Salad Rice Bowl: ©© 3/4

Something Healthy Wholesome Meals and Juice Bar is located at 660 Abbott Street Street, Vancouver BC (T) 604.569.09.19

©2011 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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8 thoughts on “Something Healthy’s Fresh Salad Rice Bowl with Sesame Pear Dressing — Good Concept, Bad Execution.

  1. You should try their smoothies, it may be pricer than say jugo juice, but it feels less sugary, and healthier.

    As for the salad, too bad it didn’t meet the expectations, I was tempted to try it since I like their smoothies so much.

    1. Hey Miranda,
      Thanks for your comment:) The smoothies definitely sounds good! Their salad wasn’t bad. But the sesame pear dressing was. Maybe they forgot to put vinegar or lemon juice in the dressing? I dunno. You can still try the dish with the other dressings they have. The Teriyaki dressing sounds like a safer bet. Thanks for visiting 🙂

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