Super Chef Grill–The Poor Man’s Teppanyaki Special

By Tana Kosiyabong
Super Chef Grill Teppanyaki Chicken and Beef on Robson Street

I have been freelancing in Yaletown for several months now. The office is located only twenty-five minutes walk from my condo. So I normally walk to work and back home on the same route everyday, rain or shine. A few days ago, however, I took a new turn onto Robson street on my way home. Only half a block into the new route, I came across a new restaurant called Super Chef Grill.

The sidewalk signage features the Today’s Special: Grilled Chicken and Beef on Rice for $5.35 (regular price $7.25). Because the price sounded great and it was the dinner time, I decided to check it out.

Super Chef Grill – Grilled Chicken and Beef on Rice Special $5.35

When I walked inside, the friendly owner/chef greeted me from behind the counter/cooking area. I wasted no time to order the Grilled Chicken and Beef on rice. Super Chef Grill cooks their dishes on a flat iron sheet similar to the Teppanyaki steakhouses. Although there are no flashy trick shows, the patrons can choose from six different sauces: ginger, teriyaki, soy, oyster, chili, and black bean sauces. I went with the ginger and chili sauces.

Normally I associated the word “Teppanyaki” with fancy Japanese Steakhouses and trick shows performed by the chefs. However, according to Wikipedia, Teppanyaki originally refers to dishes cooked using an iron plate. The shows were added in later to draw foreign customers. Therefore, Super Chef Grill is, by definition, a poor man’s Teppanyaki.

The restaurant also offers self-served, complimentary drinks of chrysanthemum tea and/or lemonade with all orders. I recommend the former because the latter was way too watered down for my taste. But hey, they are free.

The interior was new and clean. One of the wall was covered with the geometric pattern wallpaper.Thanks goodness that they keep the opposite wall plain white. Otherwise I would have thought I was dining in The Beautiful Mind movie set.

Super Chef Grill Teppanyaki Chicken and Beef on Rice Special, Robson Street

Super Chef Grill Teppanyaki Chicken and Beef on Rice Special, Robson Street

Five minutes later, the dish was ready for pick-up at the counter. At first glance, I was impressed by the serving portion. There were more meat on the plate than I expected. The taste test was positive. The beef, chicken and veggies were beautiul cooked with water instead of oil. So it was healthier than the typical Chinese stir-fry. Although the dish had a good kick to it, I wish the ginger flavour were stronger. I also had a hard time distinguished between the two kinds of meat because they were mixed up together.

Before I left, the owner told me that the restaurant has been opened for 3 months now. I was totally surprised to hear. After all, it is located about half a block east of my usual walking route. Perhaps a bigger, more eye-catching signage would help draw people from far away.

Super Chef Grill’s Grilled Chicken and Beef on Rice Special: ©©© 1/2

Super Chef Grill is located at 280 Robson Street, Vancouver BC (next to Ezogiku Noodle Cafe).  (T) 604.681.7189

©2011 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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7 thoughts on “Super Chef Grill–The Poor Man’s Teppanyaki Special

  1. Wow that’s a lot of food for just over $5. And it looks delicious and pretty healthy too.

    Do they have a special every day ?

    1. I believe they have more than one special a day. But the cheapest one is the one they feature on the sign. 🙂 Not sure how long the grilled chicken and beef special will stay that price though.

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