Classic Beef Curry with a Bizzare Seasoning Twist at RASOEE Indian Kitchen

By Tana Kosiyabong

Rasoee Indian Kitchen Beef Curry

Last week I wrote about the Japanese Katsu Curry from Ebi Ten. So I think it would be fun to compare the dish against a curry dish from Rasoee Indian kitchen located about a block away. The restaurant has been opened for a few months now, but I haven’t had a chance to check it out. Therefore, when I declared this week Cheap Appetite mission, I was looking forward to the new exotic experience.

So I headed to Rasoee on Robson Street about thirty minutes before the lunch hour. As I got closer, I could smell fragrant East Indian spices in the air. A few patrons were already there when I stepped inside. It took me a few minutes to peruse the menu board and decide on the Classic Beef Curry (a special blend of garam masala, with tomatoes and onion– $7.69) For $2.49 extra, I could make it a combo with fresh baked naan and a can of soda. However, I couldn’t justify paying over $10 for a lunch. So I declined the option. The staff at the counter then asked how spicy I’d like my curry prepared. “Definitely spicy,” I replied.

Interior of Rasoee Indian Restaurant on Robson Street

Interior of Rasoee Indian Restaurant on Robson Street

After that, I went to sit down at an empty table near the front window. While waiting for my dish, I had time to observe the interior of the restaurant. Rasoee is decorated in a modern industrial style with the exotic East Indian flares. The bold fabric colors and patterns bring such a lively contrast to the otherwise cold, industrial lines of the furnitures and structures.

Soon after, my spicy classic beef curry was served. The first glance was a little disappointed. Compared to the Katsu curry, the beef curry portion was smaller. There was no garnish on the side either. But the first bite was quite good. It was spicy as I ordered. A couple of bites later, however, I noticed a red blob in between the rice and the curry layers. That’s when I started to taste each of them separately. The beef curry itself was actually mild. The red blob, which I soon realized it was the faked Sriracha sauce, was spicy. Obviously, Rasoee squeezed the hot sauce on rice first then pour the curry sauce over them. I couldn’t help but wonder why they didn’t stir the faked Sriracha into the curry sauce then pour the mixture over rice.

Rasoee (Ra-So-EE) Beef Curry on Robson Street

Other than the bizzare (or perhaps sloppy) seasoning mechanism, the curry was quite yummy. The beef was slow-cooked until tender and almost fall-apart in my mouth. The basmati rice was beautifully cook and complimented the curry well. The portion size of the curry bowl was just enough to suppress my hunger, but not enough to make me feel really full. Perhaps it would be a good thing if I were on a diet. However, if I have an extra 26 cents in my pocket, I’d rather go with Ebi Ten’s Katsu Curry ($7.95). Because it’s good to be full.

Rasoee Classic Beef Curry: ©©©1/4

Rasoee is located at 320 Robson St., Vancouver, BC (T) 604.568.9023

©2011 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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