$5.50 Dinner Specials at New Town Bakery & Restaurant– Spicy Chicken on Rice with soup

By Tana Kosiyabong

Dinner Specials at New Town Bakery & Restaurant

I’ve been a regular at New Town Bakery & Restaurant in Chinatown for a few years now. The Chinese style bakery (also sells Dim Sum) is located in the front; The restaurant section is in the back. The interior decor is old and outdated. During the first year, I only purchased their baked goods and dim sum. My favorite is the spicy pork bun. It made mouth water just to think about.

Not until I moved into my condo a few block away did I start to go for lunches at New Town. But recently I found myself heading there mostly for dinners. New Town Bakery & Restaurant $5.50 Dinner Specials are hard to resist. Although it was not as cheap as the pre-cooked meals at Kent’s Kitchen (located a few blocks away), I could upgrade to a freshly prepared dinner at New Town for just 75 cents more.

Dinner Specials Menu at New Town Bakery and Restaurant Chinatown

There are 16 menu items on the Specials including a few vegetarian dishes. I have tasted six or seven different dishes so far. And I’ve got a few favourites. But for this week Cheap Appetite Mission, I decided to go with the Spicy Chicken on Rice.

All the dinner specials come with New Town soup which will change daily. The soups were made of scrapped veggies and meat, soup stock (normally made with pork bone), and sometimes beans or grains. But don’t let the low-end ingredients fool you. No one should underestimate the power of pork and veggie stock. The subtle, natural sweetness is the best part of the soup. I enjoyed it as is although some may think it’s too bland. You can always add salt and pepper to taste. If the waitress is in a good mood, she may ask if you’d like to refill your soup. But don’t count on it. She has only asked me once in the past two years.

New Town Bakery and Restaurant Dinner Special Soup

$5.50 Dinner Specials: Spicy Chicken at New Town Bakery and Restaurant Chinatown

The Spicy Chicken was made of dark meat which is my favorite part of chicken. They were tastier, juicier, and more chewy than the white counterpart. The onions, green peppers and carrots were cooked just enough to release their natural sweetness, yet still preserved the crunchy textures. The bamboo shoot added an extra layer of texture and flavor to the dish. The spicy chicken was well-seasoned with soy sauce, but not so much with the chili. It didn’t have enough kick to please my masochistic taste buds. So I had to add some chili oil to make them happy. The white long grain rice was perfectly cooked. All in all, this mission was a success.

It’s a matter of time that I’ll eventually try all 16 dishes on the New Town’s Dinner Specials. Give it a try if you happen to be in Chinatown between 5-8 pm.

New Town Bakery & Restaurant Dinner Special Spicy Chicken on rice: ©©© 3/4

New Town Bakery & Restaurant (Chinatown) is locate at 158 E Pender St., Vancouver, BC V6A (T) 604.681.1828

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16 thoughts on “$5.50 Dinner Specials at New Town Bakery & Restaurant– Spicy Chicken on Rice with soup

  1. Tana, I like everything on their menu. And the price is quite reasonable too. Just look at the saucy chicken over the hot rice. hmmm…yummm… I must make this after the trip. So tempting! :o) Have a great week ahead.
    Cheers, Kristy
    p/s btw, how’s the Chinese New Year over your side? Any big parties? Have fun!

    1. Hey Kristy, I like the price a lot. The food are pretty good too. I’d love the spicy chicken to be more spicy though 🙂 If you make a trip here, let me know! Chinese New Year is pretty good. We have a large Chinese community here. But probably not as big as in Malaysia 🙂

  2. Holy smokes! You always take the best photographs and eat the best food! What I would do to eat this tonight – dark chicken meat AND long grain rice. So amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We’ve been going there for years to get the baked goods too and only recently tried some dinner dishes. I believe they are preparing to move but not very far.

  4. New Town Bakery is now open at its new location @ 148 E. Pender (three doors west of original location). The space is remarkably similar to the old location, with the same overall layout when you walk in. The new space is updated with a cheerful, bright ambiance. Best part is all the familiar staff faces are still there, smiling and enthusiastic. And as far as I can tell, all the prices appear to have stayed about the same.


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