Simply Delicious – Sweet Corn Fish Filet at Dash

By Tana Kosiyabong

Dash's cream-style corn fish filet special $5.99

While exploring the southern perimeter of Yaletown for this week Cheap Appetite mission, I came across Dash, a bubble tea house/Chinese restaurant located on the Pacific Boulevard between Davie and Drake streets. The ”$5.99 specials“ signage had caught my attention. It featured four choices to please both meat-lovers and vegans alike: sweet and sour pork, mixed vegetables, sweet corn fish filet, and curry chicken. Each comes with steamed rice.

Although I am not a big fan of the name “Dash” (it reminded me of the Kardashian sisters’ fancy boutique, no offense.), I love the sweet corn fish filet. And since the wallet-friendly price helped sweeten the deal, I decide to check it out. Dash was a small tea house with only a few tables and window bar seats. The wall was painted in muted purple – pretty but definitely not my top choices for restaurant colours. However, the paint was the least of my concerns when I saw a large menu board featuring extensive drink varieties behind the counter. It seemed their primary business was beverages. Fortunately my growling stomach forced me to overrule the observation and order the sweet corn fish filet on rice special ($5.99). About ten minutes later the dish was served.

Dash's sweet corn fish filet special $5.99

I was pleasantly surprised to see an oversized portion of fish filet and a generous amount of corn sauce on top of steamed rice. Considering its Yaletown location, the dish was of a great value. But only the taste test would determine whether it was a Cheap Appetite worthy.

After a quick photo session, I started to dig in. The panko crusted fish was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, yet not very greasy. Thanks to the good old salt and pepper, the golden-brown filet was simply delicious. The sweet corn added interesting texture to the smooth egg white sauce. Its subtle flavor complimented the deep-fried fish very well. The steamed long-grain white rice was perfectly cooked. The steamed broccoli, though used as garnishes, were also nicely prepared. Even though my tongue got burnt a couple of times while conducting the taste test, I would go through this mission all over again in a heart beat. It was one of the best sweet corn fish filets I ever had. Definitely a Cheap Appetite!

Dash's sweet corn fish filet on rice

Dash's Street Signage featuring special menu items

Before I left, the owner told me that their specials would be revised every other week. I’m not sure how much longer the sweet corn fish filet will remain on the menu. If you want to try the dish, please call the restaurant to confirm its availability first. With that said, however, if they can cook such a mean dish, it is worth checking out their other specials as well.

According to Dash’s take-out menu, they also serve limited selections of Dim Sum, Taiwanese snacks, rice and noodle dishes, and hot-pots. All except the seafood hot pot are priced under $10 plus HST (many items are under $5).

Dash’s Sweet Corn Fish Filet Special: ©©©©

Dash is located at 1239 Pacific Blvd.Vancouver, BC, Canada (T) 604.681.8212

©2011 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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8 thoughts on “Simply Delicious – Sweet Corn Fish Filet at Dash

    1. Their main business is bubble tea for sure. Food is to supplement the income. I just went back yesterday. The portion was way smaller than the first visit (both the fish and the sauce). Not sure why 😦 Still taste pretty good though.

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