French Kick–Euro Cordon Swiss from Euro Pastry House

By Tana Kosiyabong

Euro Pastry House's Euro Cordon Swiss on Mainland Street, Yaletown

I was fortunate enough to freelance with the same company in Yaletown again. It was really great working with these friendly colleagues. We all get along really well. While I was working there, I noticed many of them carrying tin foil wrapped sandwiches back into the office during lunch hours. Every time I asked they all told me about the “Schnitzel Place” down the block. But somehow I couldn’t manage to find it.

After two weeks of watching people carrying around the mysterious sandwiches, I was extremely curious to find out exactly where it was. So I asked Allen, one of my friendly coworker/supervisor, because I saw him eating one of the sandwiches the day before. He told me the place was actually called “Euro Pastry House.” Schnitzel sandwich was one of their specialties. However, he recommended me to try the Cordon Swiss Sandwich there.

With a clear direction from Allen, I walked to the Mainland Street Court (on Mainland Street between Nelson and Helmcken streets) where the Euro Pastry House is located. It was a bit tricky to find because the storefront couldn’t be seen from the footpath. As I walked inside the indoor court/mall, Euro Pastry House started to appear on my left. The décor was outdated but a friendly smile from the staff was enough to compensate for it. I wasted no time ordering the Cordon Swiss Sandwich on whole wheat bread ($8.15 plus tax). Other choices of bread include white, marble rye, rye, and sour dough. The staff asked if I want everything in it. I said yes without knowing what they were.

Euro Pastry House's Cordon Swiss Sandwich, inspired by Chicken Cordon Bleu

Euro Cordon Swiss Sandwich Close up

Shortly after, the sandwich was served on a colorful plate. As you can see from the above photos, it was a fairly large sandwich. The French-inspired dish had all the key ingredients found in the original Chicken Cordon Bleu – chicken breast, ham and swiss cheese – only that they were not rolled up together. It also came with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, pickles and banana peppers. The whole wheat bread was thick but soft. The chicken breast was bigger and thicker than the deep-fried chicken thigh I wrote about last week. It was well-marinated and tasty, but a bit dry. The ham was bigger than two (perhaps three) pieces of “Subway” ham combined. The veggies were all fresh and crunchy. The banana peppers added a little kung fu kick sandwich. This French-inspired dish has an attitude after all.

Either because I wasn’t hungry or the sandwich was very big, I could only finished half of it. So the staff tin-foil wrapped the other half which I brought back to the office and snacked a few hours later. It was still good.

This is my last post this year. After the budget calculation (see below), I still have almost 16 bucks left from the 2010 budget. I will keep you posted on what I will do with it soon. Happy Holidays to all my beloved readers. See you next year 🙂

Euro Pastry House’s Euro Cordon Swiss Sandwich : ©©©1/2

Euro Pastry House is located at 114-1058 Mainland Street (inside Mainland Street Court), Vancouver, BC (T) 604.602.0003


Remaining Budget: $24.10

Budget Spent: -$8.15

Budget Available: $15.95

©2010 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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