Traditional Northern Chinese Vegetarian Breakfasts—Tian Jin Wrap and Soft Tofu soup at O’Tray Noodle

By Tana Kosiyabong

spicy soft tofu soup at O'Tray Noodle at the President Plaza food Court (close up)

A few months ago I came across O’Tray Noodles, a food court vendor located at the President plaza in Richmond. The stall attracted a steady stream of hungry patrons during the lunch hour. I wish I could give it a try, but my stomach had already been filled with my favorite Wo Fung chicken wings and other dishes from the Aberdeen Centre food court across the street. So I made a mental note hoping to check it out next time I’m in the area.

Last week, my crave for Wo Fung wings had become so outrageous I started to see my pet bird turning into flying chicken wings. Before an “unplanned tragedy” happened to him, I jumped on a skytrain to the Aberdeen Centre to get my fix.

The surroundings had gone blurred until I swallowed the last piece of the highly addictive chicken wings down my throat. My mind started to clear up. The mental note then reminded me that I had to check out O’Tray Noodle. So I walked across the street and got on the escalator to the second floor of the President plaza. O’Tray is the first one on the right. After a quick glance at the menu, a couple of items caught my eyes: No. 1–Tian Jin Wrap and No. 3 Tian Jin Burger. Unable to make up my mind, I asked one of the owners for her advice. “They both are good,” she replied. “Gee, thanks for your help lady” I thought to myself.

Eventually I chose the Tian Jin wrap ($3.75 tax included). While I was waiting, the owner told me that most people normally ordered it with the No. 2 soft tofu soup ($3.75 tax included). Both dishes complements each other well and they both are vegetarian dishes. Great, I just realized then that there were no meat in the wrap! But since she had already started cooking it and I saw that she cracked an egg on top of the crêpe-like wrap, I didn’t bother asking for a switch. However, I decided to hold off on the soft tofu soup because I just ate some wings earlier and I wasn’t sure about eating two vegetarian dishes in a row.

Cooking Tian Jin Wrap at O'Tray Noodle in President Plaza, Richmond

O'Tray Noodle Tian Jin Wrap at President Plaza Food Court in Richmond, BC.

O'Tray Noodle's Tian Jin Wrap

Shortly after, the wrap was ready. The egg beautifully covered the exterior of the wrap. The first bite was heavenly. The soft crêpe and crunchy deep-fried flour sheet were perfect together. Chili paste added a nice kick to each bite. Green onion and cilantro freshened up the overall flavor profile. However, after half of the wrap went down my throat, the oily stuffing started to bother me. I felt an urge for a bowl soup to ease up the queasy feeling I had. Even though I was almost full, I couldn’t help but order the soft tofu soup. I should have listened to the lady at the first place.

Traditional Chinese Breakfast, Soft Tofu Soup at O'Tray Noodle

A few minutes after, the soup was served. The contrasting colors of chili oil and cilantro made the dish looked delightful. Some salty peanut sauce was also added to the top as well. To eat this dish properly, you must stir them up together first. Although this would ruin the mouth-watering appearance of the soup, it helped the flavors commingle better. The soft tofu soup was simply delicious. It was perfectly salted and had a little kick of chili oil. However, I didn’t really taste peanut flavor even if I tried to concentrate. Perhaps it supposed to be subtle the way it was. At this point my stomach had swollen up like a big balloon. I couldn’t possibly try even a bite of the Tian Jin burger during this visit, but I took a photo of its photo on the wall for you.

After the meal, the owner also told me that the wrap and the soup has been a part of Tian Jin’s traditional breakfasts for over a century. They are widely available at street food stalls and restaurants. The city of Tian Jin is located 70 miles South East of Beijing.

O’Tray Noodle’s Tian Jin Wrap: ©©©1/2
O’Tray Noodle’s Soft Tofu Soup: ©©©1/2

O’Tray is located at President Plaza Food court, 2285 – 8181 Cambie Road, Richmond, BC (T) 604.267.0571


Remaining Budget: $39.55

Budget Spent: -$7.50

Budget Available: $32.05

©2010 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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12 thoughts on “Traditional Northern Chinese Vegetarian Breakfasts—Tian Jin Wrap and Soft Tofu soup at O’Tray Noodle

  1. Hey Tana, that is one of my two favourite stalls in the food courts I’ve tried in Richmond. You’ve ID’d my three favourite things as well. The proprietors are so friendly there. And another thing I love is that they have both complementary tea AND water on the counter. That appeals to my inner Cheap Appetite!

    1. Hey greyelf, what’s your other favourite food stall? Maybe I’ll check it out next time I’m in Richmond. Yes, they do have complementary drinks. I should mention that in the post. I guess I’m getting old and forget things. 🙂 Definitely love free drinks

  2. I can’t believe you are going to make it on budget! This has been so much fun to read about your finds. I’m not going to call them cheap because cheap sounds yucky. I’ll call them mini fortunes. Nope. That’s a terrible name.

    I’ll figure something out. Until then, eat on. 🙂

  3. I totally know what you mean about the cravings for Wo Fung chicken wings. I get that feeling at least once a week and on autopilot I will walk to the Canada Line from my office, hop on the train and 20 minutes later, I find myself in line at Wo Fung. Sometimes I am successful in dragging my buddy with me but I don’t care going alone as I won’t have to share ha-ha! I would often make a mental note to try something else at Aberdeen but regardless if I already have a gargantuan entree on my tray, I will still order the wings. What is wrong with me??? But with your post, now I have a better idea, 3 wings from Wo Fung and jog to O’Tray for the crepe and tofu soup, that soup looks heavenly by the way! You and I should hop on the train on a weekday together just to get our fill of those very very addictive wings that I sometimes even dream about.

    1. hey imkoonta, sound like you are more addicted to wo fang wings than I am. I can go a few months with out it. But I also order other dishes after the wings too. There are so many vendor I haven’t tried yet. Weekends are better for me, but some weekdays are good too if I don’t have to work 🙂

  4. Hey Tana – I’m sensing some sort of Cheap Appetite year-end blowout (with fellow foodies, wink). After all, you got $32.05 left, that’s a LOT of food you can get at Richmond’s various food court stalls (have you been to Richmond Public Market, or “RPM”, yet ?).

    Well, in case you do decide to invite others, I’m a very willing volunteer, like you said there’s tons of Richmond food court vendors I haven’t tried yet. Ben (Chowtimes) recently did a listing of all the food courts known (so far):

    1. I’m not sure how to use up the budget yet. But I guess I’ll splurge on one meal. The problem is I don’t know where to go yet. Fancy restaurants are not my kind of place. Your suggestion sounds tempting 🙂 However, I think I’ll use the rest to reward myself instead 😛 lol. Thanks for the offer though. I’ll check out the link soon. Have a happy holidays, man.

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