My Staple Meal of 2010—Tim Hortons’ Chicken Salad Sandwich Combo

By Tana Kosiyabong

Tim Horton Chicken Salad Sandwich with chocolate glazed donut and coffee

If you are a fan of my blog, you may wonder why the hell my staple meal is a western dish. Even I was surprised when I became aware of my choice. It’s really hard to believe because I was born and raised in Thailand. My favorite food is Thai. And my tongue is definitely pro-Asian flavors. But somehow I have found myself eating more Tim Hortons’ chicken salad sandwiches than the mouth-watering Pad Thai this year. What gives?

Well… after a careful deliberation, it all comes down to three factors: value, accessibility and nutritional value. That’s right. Subliminally, I’ve been processing these complicated data in my head for ages. No wonder why my receding hairline is getting higher and higher every year. Dammit!

Anyhow, let’s focus on the value first. For $4.60 ($1.39 cheaper than a Big Mac combo), I can get a nice portion of chunky chicken salad sandwich, a donut and a medium Tim Hortons’ coffee (comparable to a small McDonald’s coffee). In other words, I can get a full meal including a dessert and a drink for way under five bucks. Now that’s what I call a great deal.

If purchased separately, it would cost $5.27 ($3.09(sandwich)+$0.90(donut)+$1.28(coffee)). That’s a whopping 12.7% savings on a combo. Sometimes, when I wasn’t too hungry during lunch, I’d keep the donuts for the afternoon snacks. And that, my friends, would save me even more money.

Now let’s moved on to the second factor, accessibility. Tim Hortons, in my opinion, is a good ol’ Canadian version of Starbucks. No matter where I go, chances are I can find a Tim Hortons nearby. As much as I love the Pad Thai Krungthep from Thai Basil, the restaurant has only one location in this humongous country.

Nutritional Value of Tim Hortons Chicken Salad combo vs Mcd’s Big mac Combo

Last but not least, the chicken salad combo meal is slightly healthier than many typical fast food options. But please don’t confused the word “healthier” with “healthy.” I did not mean to imply that this meal is healthy. But when comparing its nutritional values with a Big Mac combo’s, for example, I’d prefer the former meal.

According to Tim Hortons’ website, the chicken salad sandwiches are made with seasoned white meat chicken strips, diced celery, pimentos, light mayo and black pepper; then topped with fresh lettuce and sliced tomato, and served on either white or whole wheat buns (which you can opt for a toasted or non-toasted).

TIm Hortons Chicken Salad Sandwich with Chocolate Glazed Donut and medium Coffee

As for the taste test, the sandwich was nice and light (thanks to the light mayo and the fresh veggies). The big chunks of chicken meat in every bites make the sandwich stand out from the typical siblings. Although I wish they added some garlic and lemon juice in the mix, I realize that Tim Hortons caters to the mainstream Canadians who prefer their chicken salads somewhat bland. When toasted, the wholewheat bread was crispy on the outside, yet soft and chewy on the inside. Combined with other fresh ingredients, this sandwich is a great texture ensemble in a mouthful.

As far as I know, no Canadians can deny their loves for Tim Hortons’ donuts and coffee. And I was no exception. My favorite donut is Tim Hortons’ Canadian maple. The not-overly-sweet dessert complements Tim Hortons coffee really well.

Now that you’ve read about my staple meal, it’s your turn to share yours. Whether they are home-cooked or purchased, I’d love to hear about them. Please leave your comments below. Cheers.

Tim Hortons Chicken Salad Sandwich Combo: ©©© 1/2


Remaining Budget: $64.09

Budget Spent: -$4.60 ($HST not included)

Budget Available: $59.49

©2010 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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6 thoughts on “My Staple Meal of 2010—Tim Hortons’ Chicken Salad Sandwich Combo

  1. I tend to go for pizza by the slice – F.M Pizza on Pender is my favorite, although I’m a fan of the current faves too – Megabite, Uncle Fatih’s, and the like.

    Also, Kam’s Place on Davie is wonderful too, for when I’m in an Asian food mood.

  2. Well, sometime it’s good to have something lighter. I do! And I think the sandwich looks great. Pretty mouthwatering as well. lol! haha…. Hope you’re enjoying your day.
    Cheers, Kristy

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