A Perfect Pairing: Kim’s Snack Deep Fried Seaweed Roll (Kim-ma-ri) and Fish Cake with Hot soup (O-Deng)

By Tana Kosiyabong

Deep Fried Seaweed Roll with Korean Glass Noodles Fillings

I promised to write about Kim’s Snack on a Cheap Appetite mission back in July because that meal reminded me of this snack joint. I’m a fan of their deep-fried seaweed rolls and O-deng. And earlier today I was craving another dose of them. Attempting to kill two birds with one stone and save some money, I decided that it’s time to write about this food court vendor.

Kim’s Snack is located at H-Mart food court at Robson and Seymour Streets. Besides Kim’s, there are three other food vendors on the second floor of the building: one Korean, one Korean-style Chinese and one Japanese stalls. They all serve yummy dishes but they are a bit more pricey than Kim’s Snack.

I still remember my first visit to this snack shop which I ordered Kimbob and deep-fried seaweed rolls (Kimmari). The Kimbob was decent for a pre-made maki roll. However, I had mixed feelings about the deep-fried seaweed rolls. Although it was really good at the first bite, I couldn’t have more than a couple of pieces without feeling queasy. The dish was so greasy that I had to force myself to finished it. Thanks for a bunch of paper napkins I used to absorb the excess oil.

On the second visit, I tried the spicy ramen noodle soup. It was just ok but the price was good ($4.50). While I was eating the soup, an idea had hit me as if someone smacked a giant whack-a-mole mallet right on my receding forehead. BONK! “I could eat the greasy deep fried seaweed rolls with a bowl of soup,” I eagerly acclaimed.

Kim’s Snack Fish Cakes with hot soup (O-Deng)

After a couple visits of trials and errors, I have found the right combo, No. 7 (the deep fried seaweed rolls(Kimmari)–$3.14) and No. 2 (fish cake with hot soup (O-deng)–$3.88). Since then I usually order these two dishes together whenever I visit the snack joint.

Earlier today, I went back to Kim’s Snack again for this complementary duo. Shortly after ordered, the O-deng was served, followed by the Kimmari.

I first started with a spoonful of the O-deng soup just to cleanse my palate. The soup was well-flavored with the right amount of saltiness. A hint of green onion flavor made the soup more appetizing. On this visit, there were five kinds of fish cakes in the O-deng, but sometimes I got just 3 varieties. Of all five, I liked the shrimp flavored balls with white pepper most. The fish tofu cubes, white fish balls and the tubular shaped fish cakes with tiny pieces of fake crabs were also good, though tasted similar to one another. The Korean thin fish cake was my least favorite. I don’t like the mushy texture of it. But perhaps many Koreans may disagree with me.

Kim's Snack Fish Cake with Hot Soup (O-Deng) Close-Up

Kim’s Snack Deep-Fried Seaweed Roll (Kimmari) – $3.14

The deep-fried seaweed rolls were as good as as usual. The batter was mildly flavored with salt. Once bitten into one, I felt like I sank my teeth into a deep-fried marshmallow, only that it was salty instead of sweet. The batter was crispy and the Korean glass noodles were soft yet somewhat resilient. The seaweed added savory flavor to each bite. It was so tasty I could eat the first piece plain. However, because of its oily content, I had to dip the rest in the gyoza sauce and drink some hot soup after each bite. The hot soup and the tartness of the gyoza sauce help cut through the greasy flavor very well. (Please beware that sometimes the vendor brought me soy sauce instead. And it wasn’t as good. So you didn’t get the gyoza sauce, asked for it.)

With the help of paper napkins, dipping sauce and the pairing with tasty O-deng, deep-fried seaweed rolls have become one of my favorite yummy snacks for years to come.

Kim’s Snack Deep Fried Seaweed Rolls (Kimmari) ©©©1/4

Kim’s Snack Fish Cakes with hot soup (O-Deng) ©©©1/2

Kim’s Snack Kimmari + O-Deng ©©©©

Kim’s Snack is located at H-Mart Food Court 590 Robson Street, 2nd floor, Vancouver, B.C. (T) 604.609.4567

For more H-mart location in the Greater Vancouver, click here


Kims Snack Menu at Hmart Food court, downtown Vancouver


Remaining Budget: $134.44

Budget Spent: -$7.02 (3.14+3.88)

Budget Available: $127.42

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