Beat the heat with Juice King’s Special Bubble Tea

By Tana Kosiyabong

Bubble black tea with tapioca pearl at Juice King, Yaohan Centre Food Court

Ever since I moved to North America, my body has gradually adapted to the cooler and dryer climate. Unfortunately, I can no longer stand the heat and humidity like when I was living in Thailand. During the summer months, I’ve found myself drinking cold beverages everywhere I go. And it isn’t even hot here compared to Bangkok.

Last Saturday, I headed to Yaohan Centre in Richmond to check out their food court. So I hopped on the Canada Line at Waterfront Station and got off at Aberdeen station. After a walk through Aberdeen Centre and President Plaza, I was right smack in the middle of Yaohan Food Court. The long commute made me hot and thirsty. So I looked around for a cheap, cold drink to cool myself down. That’s when I came across the two vendors, Little Bean Tea Station and Juice King, standing side by side. I don’t know if they are friends or enemies, but both of them offer similar “Special Bubble Tea” for $2.66 (plus HST).

After checking out them out, I decided to go with the Juice King because I liked their cartoon mascot on the signage. Seriously! That was it. No extensive research. It was too hot for that. A couple minutes later, I got my bubble tea in a large, sealed plastic cup and a big straw.

Special Bubble Black Tea at Juice King, Yaohan Centre

The drink was made of black tea, milk, sugar, ice and black tapioca pearls. I could see the bubble foam clearly through the plastic. The comic strip printed on the seal was so corny it made me laugh. The iced tea was tasty yet not overly sweet which I really like. It was also creamy and infused with strong black tea flavour. Each time I sipped, I felt more and more soothing as if the tea was a step closer to win the war against the heat in my body. The tapioca black pearls added chewy texture which made it fun to drink. I particularly enjoyed sucking those pearls up one by one.

For the same price as a small iced coffee at a trendy coffee shop, I got a large serving of refreshing bubble tea to help me beat the heat of summer. This is truly a Cheap Appetite!

That’s it. I’m off to the beach. See you here next week. 🙂

Juice King’s Special Bubble Tea with Tapioca Pearls: ©©©3/4

Juice King is located at 1060-3700 No. 3 Road, Richmond BC V6X 3X2 (T) 604.278.3110


Remaining Budget: $158.13

Budget Spent: -$2.66 (This budget doesn’t include HST)

Budget Available: $155.47

©2010 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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12 thoughts on “Beat the heat with Juice King’s Special Bubble Tea


    Funny story… my first bubble tea gave me a huge headache from sucking up all the pearls. I hated it, then found myself craving more.

    Probably the best flavor I’ve ever had is avacado – it’s one that can’t come from a dried source. Must be fresh.

    Do you have a favorite? Or is “tea” your fave?

    1. Hey Tiffany,
      I think I like the regular tea flavor. But I have yet to try the avocado. who knows I may like it more! funny that you got a headache from sucking the pearls. lol.

  2. Too bad you missed the special they had a few months ago the BBT at those two competeing stalls was $1.66 or something ridiculously low like that. For summer of course it jumps to $2.66. What I hate about the BBT place to the left of the two that are in competition is that they will charge you by size and the large is the same size as what others offer as a standard. For a not so nice mall I find the prices to be higher at Yaohan then at Aberdeen. I love Wo Fung desserts at Aberdeen for just $2 you get a huge HK style iced coffee or tea, it doesn’t have pearls but it’s still good. Their chicken wings rock as well.

    1. Belle,
      Wow, $1.66! That’s such a great price! Judging from your comment, I guess I chose the right vendor 🙂 I love Wo Fung chicken wings a lot! so yummy. But I haven’t tried their iced coffee/iced tea. Sounds like a good deal too! Next time I’m at Aberdeen, I’ll definitely will check it out. 🙂

  3. Tana, I love this kind of drinks too especially the gigantic sago inside! Super yumm..yumm…! Yeah, I know exactly how’s the summer there compare to Asia. The breeze still very cooling even during the summer, while you can feel the heat at the same time. And just perfect to enjoy this drinks under the sun. Hope you’re having a nice day!
    Cheers, kristy

    1. Yeah the pearls were fun to chew! And the milk tea was really refreshing. Best of all is the price. But Belle told me that the price was as low as $1.66 not too long ago. How do you call this drink in Malaysia, Kristy?

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