Good things come to those who wait—Salmon Filet Fish and Chips at Go Fish

By Tana Kosiyabong

Deep Fried Salmon Filet Fish and Chips at Go Fish Vancouver

Last Wednesday was a beautiful day in Vancouver. So I decided to stroll along the False Creek’s seawall from Granville Island to engage in a Cheap Appetite mission at Go Fish Ocean Emporium. I have heard a lot about this restaurant but I hadn’t had a chance to visit. Rumor has it that they serve mean Fish Tacones there.

When I approached the restaurant (or better described as a seafood shack with metal sidings and wood patio), there were a long line of patrons waiting to order their lunches. “Dammit, this is gonna take forever,” I cursed. But since I was on a mission, I couldn’t just walk away and find another place to eat. So I toughed it up and walked towards the end of the line which wrapped around the shack.

Go Fish seafood shack just West off Granville Island

As my stomach was growling louder and louder, a few patrons passed me by with Go Fish’s tacones in their hands. Although they sure look yummy, two of those puppies ($10 HST included) weren’t gonna be enough for a starving cheapo like me. I need to get something more filling than those. Twenty minutes later, it finally was my turn to order. And I chose to go with one piece of salmon filet Fish and Chips ($8 HST included or $7.14 without tax). The cashier then told me that I still had another twenty minutes of waiting ahead of me. OHHH-MYYY-GOSHHH! I’d probably be hungry to death by the time they finished cooking my lunch.

Fortunately, twenty minutes has passed and I’m still alive. Suddenly a staff yelled out my name “TANA!” I rushed to the shack to pick up my order and the condiments; then headed out to sit on the nearby floating dock to enjoy my lunch.

“Crap!,” I bursted out when I realized that I still had to shoot some photos first. I hate this part most. It’s just so awkward taking pictures of yummy food while drooling behind the camera.

Salmon Filet Fish and Chips at Go Fish Vancouver, near Granville Island

Finally it was my favorite part, the taste test! I was so looking forward to it for almost an hour now. Go Fish’s fish and chips came in a Chinese bamboo steamer like what normally see in dim sum restaurants. At first glance I was really impressed by the humongous piece of salmon filet on top. Both the fish and the chips look so appetizing together. The outer crusts were dark golden brown. “Oh… my,” I blurted out after my first bite on a chip. It was very crispy on the outside, yet soft on the inside. Some smaller pieces were crunchy all the way through. They were well seasoned with perhaps kosher salt.

Then I moved on to the fish. This was the first time I chose salmon for Fish and Chips. To be honest, I was hesitated to order it at first because I was afraid that the salmon was going to be dried after being deep-fried. But I was so wrong. The filet was still moist and soft. I could even taste the subtle sweetness of the salmon in each bite. The fish was really fresh.

This had totally changed the way I ate fish and chips that day. Normally I would eat the dish with lots of tabasco and ketchup. I love the combination of the two flavors together. However, both sauces would overpower the lovely natural flavor in the fresh salmon. Since the crispy beer batter was already well-seasoned, I simply ate most of the fish and chips plain, and just a small portion of them with the ketchup and chili sauces.

Towards the end, I was happily surprised to find that both the fish batter and the chips still hold their crispy texture until the last piece were vanished from my bamboo steamer. It was definitely time well-spent waiting almost an hour for this freakin’ awesome dish.

Go Fish Salmon Filet Fish and Chips: ©©©©1/4

Go Fish is located at 1505 1 Avenue West, Vancouver, BC V6J 1E8 (near Granville Island) (T) 604.730.5040

Remaining Budget: $165.27
Budget Spent: -$7.14 (This budget doesn’t include taxes)
Budget Available: $158.13

Daily Specials Menu at Go Fish Vancouver

©2010 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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22 thoughts on “Good things come to those who wait—Salmon Filet Fish and Chips at Go Fish

  1. I would never spend that much time to wait in a line. Usually when I see there’s a long line or too crowded at the restaurant entrance, I will give it up right away without slight consideration.
    Unless there’s something super un-missable!
    You are telling me that bowl of fish and chips is one of them.

    1. Normally I would do the same as you do too. But I was on a mission that day. So I had to wait. lol. If I go back there again, I would go around 2:30pm which is when I finished my lunch and noticed that the long line were gone. I’ll try to avoid lunch time if I can. But I do not regret waiting that long for it.

      Btw, you can also call for a pick up order as suggested by thrifty&nifty’s comment!

  2. from my experience; to bypass the long line up just call for a pick up order, it’s ready when you get there, you’ll be in a better mood and even the food will taste better =)

  3. lolll i’ve heard lots of positive things about this place too and can’t wait to try it out!

    i went to victoria recently and there’s a fish and chips place like go fish called red fish blue fish, and i don’t know how long my friends and i waited in line, but i think it was about an hour as well! having said that, the red dog (salmon) was deeeeeeelicious! a must-try when you go to victoria! mmm now i want some fish and chips

    1. wow, you make me want to go to victoria for the red dog, Amy. If you have a chance to try Go Fish’s fish and chips, please let me know. I’m curious to see how it is compared to the red fish blue fish. I have gotta try this place if I visit Victoria 🙂 Thanks for your suggestion and comment.

  4. Go Fish is great. The long (but not too long) lines only add to the anticipation of great F&C 🙂

    In case you *ever* get out to Steveston, Tana, check out Pajo’s F&C down at Fisherman’s Wharf, or a bit west over by Garry Point (Moncton & 7 Ave). Mr. Pickwick’s (Denman, S. Granville) are quite good but greasier.

    1. lol what a coincidence, LotusRapper. I went to Steveston just over a week ago. Too bad I didn’t know about Pajo’s Fish and Chips. I’m sure I’ll go to Steveston again in the future. Man, you know a lot more than I do about good place to eat! You should actually write LotusRapper’s food blog! I’ll be your first fan 🙂

      1. Actually about 7 years ago I had a Yahoo Group called The LotusRap, sort of a precursor to Vancouver Chowdown in that it was intended to be a monthly social group specifically focused on going to local old-style (ie: carts) dim sum houses. We (personal friends) did a couple of meets but somehow the activity petered out. But these days I’m busy enough as is being part of *your* and other local food blogs that I can blog vicariously and not have to worry about site updates, maintenance, etc 😀

        But thanks for the vote of confidence Tana. I appreciate that, really.

      2. Wow, your history went way back! I’m glad you’re a part of Cheap Appetite community. I have learned a lot from you and other readers here. And I think you’re pretty smart to do what you did. Sometimes I wish I could spend my weekend relaxing, but I have to write a story to post on Sunday night. So I rarely have a free weekend. Anyway, if you ever feel an itch to write a story/review post about cheap eats in Vancouver every once in a while, let me know. I’ll sure put you on the front page. 🙂 And I can go to the beach on that weekend. lol.

  5. totally with you here as well Tana, Go Fish is worth the wait. Fresh fish and their chips are to die for esp on a beautiful day. For those who can’t wait, there’s always sub par fish and chips waiting elsewhere but Go Fish always delivers great eats for me. When we can’t find a seat, we sometimes eat in the car or walk to Granville Island and find a nice bench! 🙂

    1. Granville Island is a great place to sit down and eat. But I was so hungry that day I just walked down to the dock. hehe. I LOVE their fish and chips too. Definitely good on a beautiful day which I don’t mind waiting as much. I would probably not stand in the cold rain for it though:P So, I guess I have to go back before the winter comes!

  6. i haven’t had any luck with fish n chips so this is a refreshing review. i’ll definately head down the next time i’m in town. also, i’ll check out that new dim sum place in chinatown (your earlier review). dim sum is my favorite thing to eat; i could eat it every meal. tnx for the reviews.

    1. Hey simon,
      Thanks for stopping by. I just went back to go fish again yesterday. But I went there around 11:30 so I didn’t have to wait as long as the first day. The fish and chips was good, but I think the first day was better. I guess a part of it is a long anticipation and I was really hungry. In this trip my friend went along with me and he likes it too. He said it was fresh and not too greasy. I hope you enjoy yours. Let me know how do you like it. Kam Wai dim sum is also yummy and cheap though I haven’t been back since the HST is in effect. So I don’t know if they change their price. But I got a lot of good feedbacks about this restaurant so far.

  7. Agreed on the taking of pictures before yummy food conundrum. I sometimes just want to take a photo of an empty plate and just say, it was that good, yo – peace out! I’m glad you had a good fried salmon filet; I’ve had mixed experiences, but your description is making me want to try it again!

    1. Hey Wasabi,
      Glad to see you’re back. How’s Seattle treating you? I guess it really depends on who fries the salmon and how fresh the fish is. It could be a hit and miss since cooking is not exact science. My experiences with the first two visits were that the first time was better than the second. The batter were crispier. But maybe because I was hungrier. The second time was still good though. Next time I visit, I will try to cod instead. The halibut is 3 bucks more so I definitely won’t order it. lol. I’m cheap. 🙂

  8. I wonder is there anything here is not tempting or tasty! haha…. just kidding! Tana, I think my bud going to expand…. badly! =o( Anyway, hope you’re enjoying your day, dear.
    Cheers, Kristy

    1. Hey Kristy,
      There are all kinds of great yummy food here in Vancouver. So I’m pretty good I live here. But sometimes I still miss street foods from Thailand. We don’t have a lot of street food here in Vancouver. I’m sure you’d have quite a bit of street food there in Malaysia. I’m jealous!

  9. Mmm that made me hungry even though I chowed down at the Broadway Sushi an hour ago (good prices :)! Go Fish is the best, and if a right mood strikes you should splurge on the fish tacos, they r sooo good. I agree with previous person who said the wait only makes it even better!!! I also wish we had more street food stands in the city. I was in Portland last week and they have tons of different styles of foods in the carts downtown, best of it, cheap!

    1. Beata,
      I think there are more variety of street food in vancouver than hot dog carts now. They all just got approved by the City of Vancouver. Hooray! I’m a fan of street food myself. I’ll have to check them out soon too. 🙂 oh I would love to try the fish tacones sometimes, but I’m afraid that even two of them won’t fill me up. lol. Thanks for visiting my blog again. It’s been a long time since I saw you at the writing class. 🙂

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