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A Light Meal at a Right Price—Kimbob E Ramyun Korean Restaurant

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By Tana Kosiyabong

Kimbob E Ramyun's Kimbob (Gimbap,Kimbap, or Kimbop)

Summer is finally here. Vancouverites can now enjoy the beautiful scenery and outdoor activities as they wish. Last Saturday was a beautiful day. So I decided to go for a bike ride around downtown Vancouver. Since it was about noon by the time I got out of my condo, I figured I should stop over at Kimbob E Ramyun first for lunch.

I’ve discovered Kimbob E Ramyun Korean Restaurant for at least a year now, but I hadn’t had a chance to write about them. The restaurant is named after two Korean dishes: Kimbob – also spelled Gimbap, Kimbap or Kimbop – is similar to maki sushi (sushi rolls) in appearance, but they taste quite different. Traditionally, Kimbop rice is seasoned with sesame oil and salt while sushi rice is seasoned with rice vinegar, sugar and salt.

And the second Korean dish this restaurant named after is Ramyun or widely known in Japanese pronunciation as Ramen. I’m a big fan of Jambong Ramyun, Korean spicy seafood noodle soup, at Kimbob and Ramyun. Although it is not the best I have ever had, but the lovely price ($5.95) is enough to make up for the taste.

Kimbob E Ramyun's Kimbob (Gimbap,Kimbap, or Kimbop) with dipping sauce

Kimbob E Ramyun Korean restaurant is located on Seymour Street between Hastings and Pender Streets. At first glance, the front signage may look as if it was all written in Korean. Once looked carefully, I could see a smaller size English name on the signage as well.

Kimbob E Ramyun restaurant layout is quite awkward. Once I walked in, I had to stop half way to look at the menu board on my right. After choosing a dish, then I must walk towards the back end to order my food. Despite the sucky layout, I have been visiting the restaurant every now and then – mostly because of the wallet-friendly prices. Nothing on the menu board are more than $6.45.

Since I didn’t want to throw up in the middle of the bike ride later on, I decided to go for a lighter meal. The combo C2, Kimbob and Oden ($6.45), seemed to fit what I was looking for. (kimbob and oden are also sold separately for $3.99 each.) If you’re looking for a heavier lunch, try the combo C1, kimbob and plain ramyun noodle soup (also $6.45). The plain ramyun (no meat, but spicy) is also sold separately for $3.99.

Kimbob E ramyun's Kimbob and Oden

The kimbob and oden combo reminds me of Kim’s Snack at the H-mart food court on Robson Street. I love to order the deep fried vermicelli rolls and oden there. (Both dishes are only sold separately. I just normally order them together as my own combo.) I will definitely write about this food court vendor soon.

Shortly after, both the kimbob and oden had arrived at the same time. The oden came with three skewers of surimi fish cakes. The fish cakes, though tasted ok, the textures were similar to cheap hotdog/marshmallow. The broth was pretty much standard dashi broth.

Oden at Kimbob E Ramyun

Kimbob E Ramyun's Oden

The kimbob was also quite decent. The fillings consisted of yellow radish, fake crab, ham, egg, fish cake, carrot and cucumber. The toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on top, though looked appetizing, their flavors were too light. I wish the chef seasoned the rice with a little bit of sesame oil instead. The dipping sauce is perhaps soy sauce with chili powders. I had tried the kimbob both with and without the dipping sauce. And the former, in my opinion, won hands down. Somehow, the salty soy sauce managed to draw the natural sweetness inside the fillings out in the open. My tongue enjoyed the kimbob a lot more once it was dipped in the sauce.

The kimbob and oden go well together. I love to have a bit of soup to wash my throat with after each piece of kimbob. The meal was light yet filling. The flavors are decent, and the price is right!

Kimbob E Ramyun Korean Restaurant’s Kimbob ($3.99): ©©©
Kimbob E Ramyun Korean Restaurant’s Oden ($3.99): ©©©
Kimbob E Ramyun Korean Restaurant’s Combo C2 ($6.45): ©©©1/3

Kimbob E Ramyun Korean Restaurant is located at 423 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 3H5. (T) 604.685.2877

Menu board at Kimbob E Ramyun

KIMBOB E RAMYUN DAILY SPECIAL MENU – $5.95 (As of July 10th, 2010)
MONDAY: Jjambong Bob
TUESDAY: Bulgogi Dubbob
WEDNESDAY: Chicken Dubbob
THURSDAY: Jeyouk Dubbob
FRIDAY: Joreng-i Miyukguk
SATURDAY: DugMandu Guk

Remaining Budget: $177.22
Budget Spent: -$6.45
Budget Available: $171.27

©2010 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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  1. That truly is a cheap delight! I love Korean food and hard to find many restaurants around but the ones here ARE terrific! (But not under $6.45)

    • Yup that’s really a good price. There are so many Korean restaurants here in Vancouver, but they are normally more expensive than this particular one. And I like my food cheap! hehe.

  2. wow! I want to try this place now =)

    Tana, I hope you don’t mind me correcting you. You wrote,
    “I had tried the kimbob both with and without the dipping sauce. And the latter, in my opinion, won hands down. Somehow, the salty soy sauce managed to draw the natural sweetness inside the fillings out in the open. My tongue enjoyed the kimbob a lot more once it was dipped in the sauce.”

    The latter means the second one, or the last of several, so when I first read this, I thought you meant it was better without the sauce! You can imagine my initial confusion. I think you meant to say the “former,” which is the first one.

    hmm I guess I should also take this opportunity to say keep up the fantastic work in food blogging! I always enjoy reading cheap appetite every Monday.😉 (I wish you could post more often!)

    • uh oh. I’m sorry about the confusion, Amy. Thank you so much for the correction. I don’t mind at all. English is not my first language so I sometimes write things as if I’m drunk. lol. My brain was probably in a la-la land when I wrote this🙂 I definitely meant “former”

      Thank you so much for reading my blog. I will try to keep it up as long as I can. I wish I could post more than once a week. But with the new company I’m starting, it would be really tough.

      I’ll correct the post right now!

  3. Gasp! How long are these funds supposed to last you?

  4. The kimbap in my area near Seattle go for about 4 US dollars for a packaged double roll. Nice to know that the prices are not much different.
    Looks like a satisfying lunch and Korean food can really fulfill one’s appetite.

    • It was a good cheap lunch Debra🙂 And the price is right. With the combo I got a good deal I think. I remembered your post about Kimbob once, so I tried it.🙂 Different from the rolled sushi, but I like it.

  5. I like this place, it’s not the greatest but still good. I always “talk” them into giving me free soup… didn’t know they had oden must be new! It’s near enough to SFU that it gets a student crowd and the ESL crowd as well.

    • Hi Belle, you’re a cheap eat pro! How do you talk them into giving you free soup? That rocks! The oden was decent. A tad pricey if you buy it alone. But good for combo🙂 I can see that their patrons are students. Yup there are both ESL schools and SFU and even VFS close by.

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