Cheap Appetite 1st Anniversary—Eat like a winner at Win’s Chinese Restaurant

By Tana Kosiyabong

Mongolian Beef Lunch Special at Win’s Chinese Restaurant in Kitsilano

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started Cheap Appetite on Canada day of 2009. At the time, I didn’t expect I could keep it up this long. However, thanks for the supports of you, my beloved readers, I have been inspired to write about my Cheap Appetite mission week after week. Also thanks to Neveen Hegab and Grant Proulx, my good friends for editing some of my blog posts; all my food blogger friends for their kind words. And finally, George Froehlich of, for featuring my stories on his website every other Thursday.

A couple of weeks ago, I was freelancing in Kitsilano, just south of downtown Vancouver. Even though the area is not that far from where I live, I hardly cross over the bridge to the other side. It is as if the gigantic concrete structure were a mental barricade over the False Creek.

But since the new gig was in Kitsilano, I had no choice but went out of my comfort zone. As I walked on the 4th Avenue during lunch break, I felt like a kid in a high-end candy store. Unfortunately this kid is a cheapo. Although there are many restaurants to choose from, only a handful of them fit the bill.

Not far from where I freelanced, I came across a signage of Win’s Chinese Restaurant featuring $6.50 Lunch Special on the foot path. There are over 40 lunch entrees to chose from. “That’s it. I’m going in,” I told myself.

Win’s Chinese Restaurant is located on West 4th Avenue between Cypress and Maple Streets. The restaurant is on the lower level of the building which means that you can only see the top half of it from the street. To get to Win’s, I had to walk down the stairs. Even then, the interior space still receives ample of natural light from the front door and windows.

Hot and Sour Soup at Win's Chinese Restaurant Kitsilano

The interior of the restaurant was outdated with pink and soft green color scheme. But it wasn’t bother me one bit. As long as the food is good, I don’t care much about the décor. After a quick look at the lunch special menu, I decided to order the Mongolian beef with steamed rice and a bowl of hot and sour soup (comes with the lunch special). Shortly after a kettle of complimentary tea and a small bowl of soup were served.

At first glance I was quite impressed by the hearty-looking soup. And even more so when I tasted it. The flavor was intense and delicious just like what hot and sour soup should be. Generous chunks of tofu and mushrooms were packed in this small bowl. The green onion sprinkled on top added another dimension to the flavor profile. This yummy soup is a good teaser prior to the main entree.

Mogolian Beef with Steamed Rice at Win's Chinese Restaurant in Kitsilano

Shortly after, the Mongolian beef arrived on its own plate with a bowl of steamed rice on the side. I was stunned for a moment by the generous amount of the Mongolian beef. For a $6.50 lunch special, I expected a lot less beef and a lot more rice.

Once I tasted the dish, I felt like I just won a lottery. There I was in the middle of an unfamiliar territory, I had managed to pick out a cheap and delicious dish among many other choices. The beef was very tender and tasty, yet not very greasy. The mushrooms and veggies were perfectly cooked. Although the dish was marked as spicy on the menu, Win’s Mongolian beef is quite mild for my taste. Regardless of the tongue burning sensation, the dish was yummylicious.

Overall, I’m glad I found Win’s Chinese Restaurant. Their lunch specials are definitely Cheap Appetite worthy. I will go back there again next time I’m in Kitsilano.

Win’s Chinese Restaurant Mongolian Beef: ©©©© 1/4
Win’s Chinese Restaurant Hot and Sour Soup: ©©©©

Win’s Chinese Restaurant is located at 1909 W. 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7 (T) 604.224.1822 or 604.224.3944

Remaining Budget: $184.22
Budget Spent: -$6.50
Budget Available: $177.72

©2010 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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14 thoughts on “Cheap Appetite 1st Anniversary—Eat like a winner at Win’s Chinese Restaurant

  1. Happy anniversary! Among so many food blogs out there, I think yours is one of the unique ones!
    Keep on the hard work, I really enjoy visiting!

    1. Thanks lululu:) It’s really a hard work to keep up an English blog which is not my first language. It usually takes a good chunk of my weekends. But I’ll do my best to keep it up as long as I can. I always appreciate your comment 🙂

  2. Congrats on your one year blog anniversary! It takes time and effort to keep a blog up and running so I applaud you for that and if not for you, Thai Basil would not have become my second home lol. Onwards to another good year of great recommendations from you! Oh, I love Mongolian beef so will check this place out, possibly today cuz I’m working from home and will need to eat eventually. I absolutely love hot and sour soup!

    1. Thanks Imkoonta. I’m glad I introduce you to Thai Basil. The restaurant deserves all the credits. Can’t find any better Pad Krapow in town. I went to Win’s again earlier today. I had beef with tomatoes. It wasn’t as good as Mongolian beef though but I guess I had to try it to know. Still so many items more to choose from.

      Let me know how it went. Do you like it?

  3. “Remaining Budget: $184.22
    Budget Spent: -$6.50
    Budget Available: $177.72”

    Tana – just curious, is your budget as quoted for the month ? Quarter ? Year ?!? LOL

    1. Lotus Rapper,
      The budget is for the year 2010. I had the readers voted at the end of last year for this year budget. $300, $350 or $400. And the majority picked $350.

      So I think i did ok at half year. I use about half of the budget. But perhaps I should write a couple cheap weeks in the near future to be safe. Thanks for reminding me about this so i won’t spend too much 🙂

  4. No doubt, I also think they look really delish! My mouth is watering when you started describing the dishes. haha…. Btw, happy bloggaversary! May many more to come. Have lots of fun.
    best wishes,

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