Thanks G_d It’s Tuesday—Calamari Tuesday’s at Opa! Souvlaki

By Tana Kosiyabong

Opa! Calamari–Caesar_Salad $6.49 on Tuesday

I have been to Opa! Souvlaki in Yaletown two Tuesdays in a row to take advantage of their Calamari Tuesday’s special. The first time was because I couldn’t resist the promotion. A week later, I found myself back at Opa! again for the second dose of the deep-fried calamari, and of course, to watch a World Cup Soccer match between Brazil and North Korea on their TV.

Opa! Souvlaki is a Greek/Mediterranean fast food franchise originally from Calgary, Alberta. Now the chain has expanded across Canada and the US. According to their website, the word “OPA!” is used in Greek culture to express a feeling of joy, high spirits and happiness. It captures a time of peace with the issues of the day, and a celebration of the warmth of food, drink, family and being with one’s closest companions.

Opa! Souvlaki Yaletown is modernly decorated similar to most fast food franchises. Most seats are at high bars facing either windows or a wall. It’s not the typical greek restaurant as you may see in the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

Calamari Caesar Salad at Opa! Souvlaki Yaletown

On both occasions, I chose to order the Calamari with Caesar Salad ($6.49 on Tuesday or $7.99 for the rest of the week). As far as I know, also confirmed by Wikipedia, Caesar salad is not Greek food. It was invented by an Italian-born Mexican chef, Caesar Cardini, for his restaurant in California. However, Opa! Souvlaki also offers Calamari with Greek Salad at the same price. You can also get a side order of deep-fried calamari for $4.49 on Tuesday. Opa! Souvlaki also serves six kinds of souvlaki: salmon, chicken, lamb, pork, gyros, and fava (similar to falafel). They can be served as platters, wraps or salad.

Shortly after, the dish was served with a large pile of deep-fried calamari on one side and caesar salad on the other. The squid were then sprinkled with, perhaps, dry oregano. The fried batter was soft-yet-crispy, but a bit bland. The calamari were tender on the inside. Once I seasoned them with salt, pepper, and lemon juice, they became quite tasty. The chopped red onions complemented the squid flavour really well. I’m glad I chose to add them when the staff asked. The caesar salad was fresh with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. The caesar dressing was creamy but neither garlicky nor anchovy/fishy. Even then I still like to dip those calamari in it.

Calamari Tuesday's Calamari Caesar Salad at Opa Souvlaki

The most impressive thing about the dish is the big portion of the deep-fried calamari. I finished my salad long before I could finish those squids. For $6.49, it is a good buy. Not so much at $7.99 though.

As you’d know by now, Brazil won the match 2-1. North Korean, however, shouldn’t feel upset with the result. They did a good job playing against a powerhouse, Brazil. Watching a good game while eating good food, it’s definitely time to say “Opa!”

Remaining Budget: $195.71
Budget Spent: -$6.49
Budget Available: $189.22

Opa! Souvlaki Yaletown is located at 412 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC V6B2G3‎ (T) 604.696.6222‎

For more information on Opa! Souvlaki, click here

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16 thoughts on “Thanks G_d It’s Tuesday—Calamari Tuesday’s at Opa! Souvlaki

  1. calamari is one of my favorite game-time snack. when we went out to watch hockey in a bar or something, we would definitely order calamari.
    I love it with tons of tartar sauce!

    1. I love calamari too! I know it’s high in cholesterol, but it’s yummy! Ahh was that dipping sauce the tartar sauce? lol. I thought it was caesar salad dressing. No wonder it wasn’t garlicky or fishy. Silly me. lol

  2. Why hasn’t Opa come to the mid-atlantic states?? I need to try this calamari (with the red onions and the greek salad), but really, want to try it at the incredible PRICE! What a steal! Usually, I can get calamari for abut $10 bucks and I get maybe a 1/3 of the calamari you have in the photo!

    1. Well… they are originally from Calgary. And I think they ventured into the US now. If they do it right, they will be in you neighborhood soon! lol. that sound a bit creepy. but those squids were good! I hear ya patty. Normally calamari are quite expensive in the restaurants, eventhough I they are much more affordable in the grocery stores here.

  3. Ooooh that looks delicious! Hey, what’s up?! It’s been awhile since I was in your neck of the woods.
    This is a great post to bump in to. I can’t believe it’s that cheap. The idea of a fast-foodish Greek restaurant reminds me of the one I grew up with called Mr. Beefy’s (lovingly referred to as Mr. Greasy’s). I still have yet to find a gyros that can top theirs though.

    1. We missed you here Tiffany. Sorry I hasn’t been visiting you either. I was so freakin’ busy lately. Mr. Greasy’s, no, Beefy’s sounds interesting. I definitely love gyros. I’d love to try that one day. 🙂

  4. Gosh, a plate that full of goodness! You’re making me hungry, Tana! haha…. What a scrumptious meal. Enjoy & have a good day.
    Cheers, Kristy

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