2010 World Cup Soccer and Chinese Take-Outs—Tsui Hang Village Take–Out Window

By Tana Kosiyabong

Take Out window at Tsui Hang Village Seafood Restaurant

World Cup Soccer is one of the most celebrated sport events on earth. Its alluring power can waken soccer spirits hibernating inside millions of people. Take me, for instance. I am normally not a soccer fan. But whenever the World Cup bandwagon has arrived, I jump on it. All of a sudden, I have found myself watching soccer matches one after another.

At the 1994 FIFA World Cup, I was very fortunate to attend a first-round World Cup match between Russia and Sweden in the US. It was the same year that a Columbian soccer player, Andrés Escobar, got shot to death on his return to Columbia after accidentally scored his own team goal. And Sweden went on to win the third place.

Since my two favorites, Thailand and Canada teams, are not qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, I have to figure out a team to root for. Last World Cup, I did a pretty good job choosing France from the get-go. And they could have won the whole damn thing if Zinedine Zidane didn’t headbutt the Badmouth Marco Materazzi and got kicked out of the final match.

My selection process is pretty simple (and by no means copyrighted). I just glance through the full list of teams and wait until one jumps out at me. No insight stats or analytical skills involved whatsoever. And for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, I picked Argentina (and of course all the Asian teams), against the wisdom of many soccer gurus out there. If Diego Maradona could use the “Hand of G-D” paving his way to win the 1986 World Cup Soccer Championship, he may be more capable as a head coach than what people gave him credits for.

For those who are from the other parts of the world, please note that it’s mandatory, in North America, to eat or drink something while watching sports, regardless of the venues. And unless you watch the games at home, you are expected to pay ridiculous prices for these foods and drinks. That’s a fundamental principle that the entire spectacle sports industry built upon. Though most people here may choose pizzas, nachos or burgers, I usually go for Chinese take-outs because they are cheap and yummy.

Curry Chicken on Rice, a daily special at Tsui Hang Village.

Try chicken curry on rice take-out while watching World Cup Soccer.

Tsui Hang Village is one of my Go-To cheap Chinese take-out places. The restaurant is located at the Northwest corner of Granville and Davie Streets. The front of the restaurant is facing the Granville Street. DO NOT get in there. Walk around the corner to the side of the building on Davie Street. You’ll see a take-out window where you can order one of four pre-made daily specials (Curry Chicken on Rice, Black Bean Chicken on Rice, Barbecued Pork on Rice and Black Pepper Beef on Rice) for $4.50. You may also order from their regular menu, but it will cost a lot more and you’ll have to wait for a long while.

I must admit that since the World Cup Soccer started last Friday, I haven’t been back to Tsui Hang yet because the restaurant is a long walk away from my condo. However, a week earlier, I had their take-outs two days in a row while I was freelancing in Yaletown.

On the first day, I ordered the curry chicken on rice. Since it was pre-made, I got it within a minute or so. The curry was mild and a bit bland. But once added half a pack of soy sauce to the dish, it became quite tasty. The curry was made with sliced white chicken meat, onions and green bell peppers, then served on plain fried rice (just white rice with some eggs stirred in. no seasoning). It was enough food to fill me up until dinner.

Black Pepper Beef on Rice at Tsui Hang Village seafood restaurant

Try Tsui Hang Village black pepper beef on rice while watching World Cup Soccer 2010

On the second day, I got the black pepper beef on rice. It was slightly peppery. Yet again it needed a little bit of soy sauce to round up the flavor. The dish was also served on the plain fried rice. Because there were no place to sit, I walked a couple of blocks east to Emery Barnes Park in Yaletown and enjoyed my lunch there. A great thing about these two daily special dishes was that they were not greasy like other pre-made Chinese take-outs such as Kent’s Kitchen and T&T supermarket.

Across the Davie street from Tsui Hang Village are Numero Uno Pizza and Fritz European Fry House where you can also grab some greasy Western food if you’re not into the Chinese take outs. Regardless of what your favorite game food is, I hope you enjoy watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Go Argentina!

P.S. Which team is your favorite to win the 2010 World Cup? And what’s your favorite game food? Please share about them in the comment section below.

Remaining Budget: $204.71
Budget Spent: -$9 ($4.50+4.50)
Budget Available: $195.71

Tsui Hang Village is located at 193 Granville St in Vancouver, BC. (T) 604.683.6868

©2010 Tana Kosiyabong and CheapAppetite.com™. All rights reserved.

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11 thoughts on “2010 World Cup Soccer and Chinese Take-Outs—Tsui Hang Village Take–Out Window

    1. Belinda, It will probably take a long time before soccer will grow popularity in the US. When I lived in Mississippi, it’s pretty much the same. No one cares about the World Cup. Oh yeah the take out is cheap and decent! 🙂

    1. Nice 5 Star Foodie. I’m so jealous that your country is qualified for the World Cup. I wish either Thailand or Canada would get in too. Oh well… maybe one day 🙂

  1. I’ve *never* been inside Tsui Hang Village let alone buying from the take-out window. Funny, this place has been there like, forever, and never really made a favorable blip on the local reviews (yet managed to stay alive through thick and thin).

    And that looks like good grub for $4.50 alright. Problem is, where do you sit down and eat ?

    1. I don’t know how they survive there for so long either. I never been inside the restaurant. Just go for the $4.50 ones. I used to go there often when I lived around the neighborhood. Back then they gave even bigger portion for the same price.

      You can walk a couple of blocks west to a park in Yaletown. I ate one of my lunch there, and another at the office. When I lived in the neighborhood, I just ate them at home 🙂 and once bring it down to the sunset beach. 🙂 I miss the beach. Gotta go back soon.

  2. Ah…I’m not a soccer fan. So, still cooking anyway! However, those take-away food looks as good though. I don’t mind taking them everyday. I used to buy this kind of food too… for about RM$5.50 per pack. Enjoy the game and have a good time!
    Cheers, Kristy

    1. Ahh too bad you’re not a soccer fan. Otherwise you’ll have a lot of fun during the World Cup. I’m not a die hard fan of soccer either, but I always follow the World Cup. RM$5.50 sounds like a great price. I’d love to try those!

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