Food Sampling at Aberdeen Mall Food Court—Ajijiman Hanabi, Wo Fung Dessert and Strawberry Cones Pizza & Pasta

By Tana Kosiyabong

Hanabi Okonomiyaki at Aberdeen Food court

Last Saturday, I was free all day for the first time in months. So I decided to go to Ikea to buy Brada laptop support I had been wanting for weeks. Just before I walked out the door, Natee, a friend of mine, called and asked if he could tag along. So we met at the Waterfront Station, hopped on the Canada Line, then headed to grab a bite first at the Aberdeen Mall food court.

I have been a big fan of this food court for a long time now. Unfortunately, I rarely make a trip there because it is far away from where I live. But since Ikea and Aberdeen mall are both located in Richmond, I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

After got off the skytrain at Aberdeen station, we headed to the third floor of the mall where the food court is located. According to their website, there are 18 food vendors in this area. So we first surveyed them all, then decided on three different dishes from three vendors: a small Hokkaido Potato Tuna from Strawberry Cones Pizza ($7.86), an Okonomiyaki from Ajijiman Hanabi ($4.48), and Deep Fried Chicken wings with pepper from Wo Fung Dessert ($3.75

Strawberry Cones Pizza food stall and menu at Aberdeen Mall

Aberdeen Food Court's Hanabi Takoyaki & Wo Fung Dessert

It was my first time at Strawberry Cones Pizza. Although the name sounds more like an ice cream parlor than a pizza joint, I didn’t let it bother me. We chose a small Hokkaido Potato Tuna. The “no-sauce” pizza is made of tuna, onion, tomato, mayo and potato & egg salad.

After 15 minutes of waiting, the 7.5-inch, kid’s favorite pizza (claimed by the restaurant) was ready. For almost 8 bucks, it was a bit small and a tad pricey. However, the pizza looks quite pretty with the parmesan and black pepper sprinkled on top. The first bite was quite impressive. It tasted different from any pizza I had ever tried, yet somehow suited my Asian taste buds really well. I felt as if I was eating tuna au gratin on a pizza crust. Perhaps, the pizza connoisseurs would have rolled their eyes over the canned tuna, but I am not the stuck-up type. However, I must say that I had a hard time finding potatoes on the pizza. After all it is called the Hokkaido Potato Tuna, you know!

Strawberry Cones Pizza and Pasta's Hokkaido Potato Tuna Pizza

Aberdeen Food Court Hanabi Okonomiyaki

While Natee was waiting for the pizza, I went to order an Okonomiyaki from Ajijiman Hanabi. According to the menu board, I can add beef, shrimp, mochi or cheese for 71 cents each. However, the cashier said she preferred the plain one most. So I went along with her. Almost fifteen minutes later, the dish was ready.

The Okonomiyaki looked so yummy. The Japanese pancake was about 6.5-inch diameter. The contrast between the dark brown okonomiyaki sauce and the creamy white mayo started to whet my appetite. The large bonito shavings and tiny seaweed flakes caused a tsunami of drool inside my mouth. Once I sank my teeth in, I was a happy man. The pancake was soft and thick. The flour was lightly flavored with green onion and perhaps grated ginger. The savory Worcestershire-ish sauce combined with the creamy mayo and the smoky bonito flakes add layers of flavors to this delicious dish. As digging deeper, I was happily surprised to find I some gooey cheese hid inside the pancake. The only thing I missed, however, was some meat. I wish I added either beef or shrimp when ordered.

Aberdeen Centre Wo Fung Deep Fried Chicken wings with pepper

Deep Fried Chicken Wings with pepper at Wo Fung Dessert, Aberdeen Centre

Last, but not least, the deep fried chicken wings with pepper from Wo Fung Dessert. This is another weird name because I didn’t see any dessert offers on the menu board. But nobody seemed to care. Wo Fung Dessert had a long line of patrons waiting to order. The deep fried chicken wings ($3.50 for 3 whole wings) are a big hit here. But since there were two of us, I decided to order the deep fried chicken wings with pepper ($3.75 for 8 wingettes) so we can easily split in half without a Muay Thai match for the last piece.

The chicken wings were worth waiting for. They were even yummier than the Prime Time Chicken I wrote about a few weeks ago. However, Wo Fung’s were more expensive. The wingettes were lightly floured and deep-fried until golden and crispy on the outside, yet very juicy on the inside. As far as I know, they were fried fresh to order. My guess was that Wo Fung marinated the chicken with soy sauce, Chinese cooking wine, sugar and ginger. However, I am no Chef Gordon Ramsey who could distinguish ingredients even in a blindfold.

This Cheap Appetite Mission is a great success. Thanks to Natee, I could try 3 different dishes for just $8.05. They were all good and suits my Asian tongue very well. I’ll definitely go back again for years to come. Oh btw, I love my new Brada Laptop Support from Ikea. In fact, I’m writing this post on it now.

Strawberry Cones Hokkaido Potato Tuna Pizza: ©©© 2/3

Ajijiman Hanabi Okonomiyaki: ©©© 2/3

Wo Fung Deep Fried Chicken Wingettes with pepper: ©©©© 1/4

Remaining Budget: $218.75
Budget Spent: -$8.05 (($7.86+4.48+3.75)/2)
Budget Available: $210.70

Aberdeen Mall Food Court is located at 4151 Hazelebridge Way, 3rd Floor, Richmond, BC Canada. (T) 604.270.1234

©2010 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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22 thoughts on “Food Sampling at Aberdeen Mall Food Court—Ajijiman Hanabi, Wo Fung Dessert and Strawberry Cones Pizza & Pasta

  1. I love Aberdeen also. I could live there but my spouse and dog probably will protest. I have yet to try their okonomiyaki there but Wo Fung is my go-to place for wings. I have yet to try the pepper wings but often order 6 of the ‘golden sand’ whole wings, I think that’s what they are called in Cantonese. Anyhoo, your pics are awesome here and they are enticing me to hop on the Canada Line just to pick up lunch there and be back at my desk to pig out, crazy I know. Oh next time you go Tana, try the Frapp Bliss dessert, its fine shaven ice with all kinds of toppings! Also the laksa and Hainan Chicken Rice at Cafe Dlite vendor is good also. Did I say I absolutely love Aberdeen?!?! 🙂

    1. Yay, I’m glad we both like Aberdeen food court Imkoonta. But i think you love it a bit more than I do. I wouldn’t live there like you would. lol. But if i live close by, I would go there everyday until I try everything. Next time I will try the golden sand! I saw many people order them. I can’t believe you are actually hop on the skytrain there. The frapp bliss dessert sound so yummy. Definitely great for summer that’s coming soon. Hainanese chicken and laksa sounds good too. Dammit, I wish the whole food court moved to downtown! 🙂

  2. Aberdeen food court is definitely the gem of all food courts in Metro Vancouver. I love sitting by the big windows, watch the planes approach YVR, and watch my kid busy on the ride-ons (so I can eat un-interrupted, haha).

    Tana, your next assignment is Richmond Public Market food court. Get off Canada Line at Richmond-Brighouse, and walk east along Westminster Hwy to Buswell. Well worth the trip !

    1. Yep Aberdeen food court is one of the best around here. I have never been to Richmond Public Market, but I’ll put that on my list for sure. Another food court I want to try out is the one at Yaohan. I came across it on this trip to Aberdeen Mall. It looks promising.

  3. IMHO, Yaohan food court offers nothing particularly special or high quality. Somehow they draw a lot of Seattl-ites, tho’, I guess it’s the most-known food court for them as they get off Hwy #99 and head towards Osaka Supermarket.

    As far as I’m concerned, Yahohan’s only stand-out vendors are Curry House, Datang BBQ Express (bit pricey), Lumingchun (depends what you order).

    A more worthwhile destination food court is the President Plaza a wee bit to the south next to T&T Supermarket. Several good vendors with cheap prices and good foods:;results_list

    And also Richmond Public Market but now I’m repeating myself, LOL.

    1. I agree LotusRapper. As far as I saw, Yaohan food court has mostly traditional asian food. Nothing really unique like japanese pizza or beard papa. but it doesn’t mean that they are not yummy. 🙂 Thanks for your sugggestion. At least, I now know which one worth trying first 🙂 I think I actually walked past the president plaza too. I definitely like the cheap, good foods you mentioned! It’s going to be a busy summer!

      1. Richmond public market sounds like a good place to visit. I like the homey feel for sure. Gotta check out Ben’s post next:-) yummy malaysian delights sound good!

  4. OMG, I can tell this place does serve great stuffs here…just by looking at the food. haha… Everything look so perfect! Yummmm…. My kids just love that Okonomiyaki! I made them once and going to make them again soon. Thanks! Have a nice day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  5. I dont go to Richmond too often. But if I do, I will go to Aberdeen Centre for sure. One thing is for Daiso. Another thing is for the food. I have not tried Okonomiyaki yet, but that looks real awesome!
    BTW, I would never pay attention to the names there in any food court. Your discovery is really funny.

  6. Dude! That okonomiyaki is killer! I went to Daiso but didnt’ even think about looking in at the food court so I totally missed out. Now with the Canada line it’s much easier to whiz to and fro Vancouver. (adding this to my list) Thanks Tana!

    1. Debra, I love to go to Daiso too. But I try not to go there often. I spent too much money for things I don’t really need there. lol. $2 here and there would add up to a lot of dollars. lol. You should check out the food court! it rocks. Of the three dishes I tried this visit, I like the fried chicken wings most. But they are all good. Have fun DB

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