T&T Supermarket Stewed Beef Brisket with Daikon Radish — A Great Dish from an Unexpected Place

By Tana Kosiyabong

T&T stew beef brisket with daikon radish on rice

The first time I heard about this amazing stewed beef brisket with daikon radish was when Xiao, a Chinese friend of mine, came back from her trip to T&T Supermarket. “Tana, I just ate the most awesome dish at T&T,” Xiao bragged with excitement. She is quite finicky when it comes to Chinese food, the same way I am with Thai food. So when she raved about this pre-made Chinese dish from a grocery store, regardless of my doubt, I declared it my new Cheap Appetite mission.

For those who are not familiar with T&T supermarket, it is an Asian grocery store chain in Vancouver, and a few other big cities across Canada. Although T&T specializes in Chinese groceries, they also carry food products from other Asian countries. I had tasted many of their pre-made dishes before, most of them were decent at best. But I had yet to try the stewed beef brisket with daikon radish.

A few days later I stopped by T&T supermarket across from Tinseltown to put my skepticism to rest. A first glance at the stewed beef brisket left me with even more doubts. “What choo talkin’ ’bout, Xiao?” I shook my head as I attempted to imitate Gary Coleman’s catchphrase. The stewed beef looked very greasy in the hot tray. The amount of oil was perhaps enough to grease up a 285-pound bodybuilder. Although I was concerned about my lovely blood vessels, I had to carry on this mission. So I stepped up like a man and ordered a double portion of the stewed brisket on steamed rice ($4.99 for two items on rice). Just in case it was as good as Xiao said, I would have enough to eat.

Double portion of T&T stewed beef brisket with daikon radish on rice

T&T downtown has a small dining area on premise. The first bite was tasty. The brisket was cooked until tender. But the brisket is a fatty cut which is why I had a hard time trying to separate the fat from the meat. The cook flavored the sauce just right. It was simple yet delicious. But I still wasn’t sure why Xiao spoke so highly about the dish until I sank my teeth into the stewed daikon. The sweet radish juice oozed out in my mouth like a broken dam. The daikon was so tender, it almost melted away. Finally, I realized what Xiao was talkin’ ’bout. And I was so glad I went for a double portion.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a stewed beef brisket and daikon recipe from Lululu, a food blogger friend of mine. I was so impressed by the picture of her stewed brisket. It was so light and beautiful. Her ingenious technique was to leave the stew in the fridge overnight. Then skim off the solidified fat on top. Next time I bought this dish from T&T, I’ll try to use her technique. (If I can resist not to eat it right away.)

T&T also sells the stewed beef brisket with daikon radish for $4.99 in a small container, and $6.99 in a larger container.

T&T Supermarket Stewed Beef Brisket with Daikon Radish on Rice: ©©©© 1/4


Remaining Budget: $243.44

Budget Spent: -$4.99

Budget Available: $238.45

For T&T Supermarket location, click here.

©2010 Tana Kosiyabong and CheapAppetite.com™. All rights reserved.

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29 thoughts on “T&T Supermarket Stewed Beef Brisket with Daikon Radish — A Great Dish from an Unexpected Place

  1. I love finding little food gems in unexpected places — this looks so good! The food court at the Asian market, Uwajimaya has a nice selection of different tasty edibles, and it always feels like a little treasure when you find discoveries like that!

  2. i dont usually buy ready-made. but i do beelive there’s some tempting taste in it you are never able to create to compare with. that’s why once in a while, we go out for pho or taiwanese beef noodle!
    speaking of beef noodle, would u do a review for it sometime? cos i’m a big fan. and my only go-to place is No.1 Beef Noodle in Burnaby. they do have one on Main too!

    1. lululu, I’ll see what I can do about the pho and taiwanese beef noodle:) I have a couple of places in mind but maybe you should write a review about the No.1 beef noodle in burnaby:) sound so yummy!

  3. I miss that place. And i miss visiting your blog. I haven’t been here in a long time. I love that dish. My father used to make it for us. Love the sauce when the daikon radish is cooked in eat. Oh, not going to Vancouver anymore.. visa problems. Maybe next year. 🙂

    1. Sorry to hear you have a visa problem again divana. Well… next year it is:) I think if i make this stewed beef I will make it with beef shank instead. I love the stewed tendon too. Gosh it makes me hungry. I’m going to make it soon!

  4. Two words… Kent’s Kitchen!

    It is even cheaper and, depending on the time of the day, they bring out the food every 15 or so minutes.

    1. Yup, i wrote about Kent’s a while back:) I like other dishes there. However, for the stewed beef with daikon, T&T downtown won hands down. Thanks for your suggestion though 🙂

  5. I love fatty beef brisket even though I know its not healthy, fatty pork is just sooo good. Oh, another place I’d recommend for cheap and good eats is Kent’s Kitchen on Keefer in Chinatown, have you been? It would definitely fit the budget and the choices are almost endless!

  6. I just read your comment about having been to and written about Kent’s Kitchen lol. I have to look out for your previous post about them. I think I might pay them a visit tomorrow for some good and cheap eats!

    1. lol. yeah. But I don’t think they make the roasted chicken leg quarters I wrote about anymore. I can’t find them for months now. Either that or they sold out so fast.

  7. Did someone say Kent’s Kitchen, hehehe ?

    We should do a Kent’s Kitchen chowdown. Commandeer the entire place, muahahaha ! Then afterward go find some Beard Papas to wash it all down.

  8. Ooops, a Kent’s visit may also require a hop up the street to Hon’s. Some of the best beef brisket and tendons around.

    1. I prefer T&T’s (downtown) way more than Kent’s. I really like the way T&T cooks the daikon radish. They stewed them until they are very tender. The sweet juice pours into my mouth when I bite into the radish. Kent’s daikon is not tender. It would need at least 30 mins longer to simmer. However, some people like their daikon that way. So, I guess it’s up to personal taste.

  9. Hey,

    I work 2 blocks away from T&T Tinseltown. I buy the stewed beef quite often for lunch and I have to confirm, it’s to die for. It’s amazing. Where can I find a recipe for this?? The link you mentioned in the post is broken.


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