McDonald’s McMini Sandwiches. The Little Sandwiches with Big Flavor?

By Tana Kosiyabong

McDonald's Pesto Grilled Chicken McMini and Spicy Thai Crispy Chicken McMini

I was invited to attend the new McMini tasting event hosted by a McDonald’s Canada PR firm a few weeks ago. But I couldn’t make it because the timing was conflicted with my new freelance work. Fortunately, the PR lady was kind enough to send me a $10 gift card so I could try the McMinis on my own time. “Um… Just so you know… I won’t write about them if I hate them” I warned the lady on the phone before she sent me the gift card. But she seemed content just for me to try the products. So, why not? I’ll try them. They are free.

However, it wasn’t that easy as I thought. I had to pick up the gift card at the FedEx store downtown because they refused to redirect it to my office unless I paid the redirecting fee. “WHAAAT? I have to pay 10 bucks to have the $10 gift card redirected? My office was just 10 blocks away. No Way, Jose! I’ll pick it up,” I frustratingly replied to the FedEx salesperson on the phone. The process of rerouting the package to the downtown FedEx office, though costed me nothing, took two days. If this were the UPS, they would gladly redirect the gift card to my office free of charge within the next day.

A day after I picked up the troubled gift card, I went to the Tinseltown McDonald’s. It was after 1 pm and I still had yet to eat lunch. The signage in front of the cash register featured the Pesto Grilled Chicken McMini, and the Spicy Thai Crispy Chicken McMini. They looked quite yummy in the photo. However, my experience told me to hold off my judgement. Nonetheless, since the two were chosen for the showcase, I ordered exactly the same. McDonald’s would pick them for a good reason. Perhaps, in their research, the grilled chicken went well with the pesto sauce and so did the crispy chicken with the spicy Thai sauce.

Pesto Grilled Chicken and Spicy Thai Crispy Chicken McMinis in paper wrap

Pesto Grilled Chicken and Spicy Thai Crispy Chicken size comparison

When the staff brought me the two McMinis, I was underwhelmed by the size of the sandwiches which almost fitted in the palm of my hand. Although the name “McMini” was spot on, the photos somehow made me imagine a lot bigger sandwiches. But when I recalled spending $2 on Bruschetta a quarter size (if not smaller) of the McMini, I realized the new McDonald’s sandwich wasn’t a bad deal after all.

The unwrapped McMinis were a lot messier than the beauty shot on the promotional signage. The Pesto Grilled Chicken McMini Sandwich was made of half a piece of 100% chicken breast. The chicken, though not freshly grilled to order, was still juicy inside. The aromatic pesto sauce was tasty and complemented the grilled chicken very well. The garlic mayo was spread on the bottom bun which made the sandwich even creamier. However, I think it was a bit overkill. The pesto sauce was already fatty enough for the sandwich.

McDonald's McMini Unwrapped

Pesto Grilled Chicken McMini and Spicy Thai Crispy Chicken McMini on the placemat

The Spicy Thai Crispy Chicken McMini sandwich was also about half a piece of chicken breast. However, the deep-fried chicken was quite dry on the inside. The Thai sweet chili sauce tasted pretty authentic. But it isn’t much of a big deal. Authentic Thai sweet chili sauce is now readily available in most Asian grocery stores and many western grocery stores across Canada and the US. The sauce is traditionally used for dipping both grilled and deep-fried chicken. However, regardless of the cooking method, Thai chefs would have left the skin on and added more aromatic Thai spices to both the batter and the meat. But I understand why McDonald’s keep their chicken generic. They have to use the same crispy/grilled chicken for most their chicken sandwiches, salads and wraps. And again, I think the mayo on the bottom was unnecessary. Although the fried chicken was dry, the sandwich already had enough oil from the deep-fried batter to keep the sandwich from being too dry, not to mention some liquid from the Thai sweet chili sauce.

McDonald's Pesto Grilled Chicken McMini Open Face

McDonald's Spicy Thai Crispy Chicken McMini Sandwich open face

Compared to the McDonald’s Crispy/Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwiches that come with a whole piece of chicken breast at $4.59, the McMinis are slightly cheaper. To get about the same amount of chicken breast, you’ll only pay $3.98 for the two McMinis. But you get what you paid for in terms of Nutritional Value (see the table below).

Overall, McMinis were quite decent and I would eat them again. They are good for snacks between meals. Two McMinis aren’t enough to fill me up at lunch, but they weren’t supposed to. The grilled chicken McMinis are better alternatives to McD’s slightly cheaper and bigger serving size “Double Cheese Burger.” However, they were by no means considered healthy. As far as the line “the little sandwiches with big flavour” in their TV commercial goes, it was a tad overpromised.

McMini Pesto Grilled Chicken: ©©©1/4

McMini Spicy Thai Crispy Chicken: ©©©1/4

McDonald's McMini, Double Cheese Burger, Grilled Chicken classic and Crispy Chicken Classic Nutritional Value


Remaining Budget: $252.39

Budget Spent: -$0

Budget Available: $252.39

©2010 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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20 thoughts on “McDonald’s McMini Sandwiches. The Little Sandwiches with Big Flavor?

  1. Just because of you, I think I would try this!
    First time I looked at the their commercial photos as a not-that-into-white-meat person, I found the chicken breast too “rubbery”. And I didn’t think of even trying. Now, your on-site photos of these babies with pesto has really gotten me going!

    1. Lululu, I prefer dark meat too. It’s tastier than the white meat. But white meat seems more popular here in North America. Please keep in mind that McD is a fast food chain. As much as McD is trying to standardize their products, they are still varied from store to store and from the cooking staff to another. In other words, don’t expect too much:) They are decent and cheap. That’s all.

  2. Wow, you’re getting hit up by the Big Boys at the Golden Arches! I’m glad you tried them out — will keep an eye on the TV to see if these make it Stateside. It’s always interesting to see large companies modify their menus for regional tastes. I love that you can get Spam and saimin at the McDonalds in Hawaii!

    1. Wasabi, Well it was about time I got invited to try something. But all I got is the McMini. You always got hit up by all the fancy restaurants. Much better than me. lol. At the moment I think it’s for Canadian only. But who knows. I so want to try the McD Spam burger. Not sure what Saimin is though.

  3. Whoa! Why aren’t they selling these McMini’s in the states? Is this something brand new they are starting to sell in Canada? I have tried very hard NOT to eat at McDonalds, but the photo/descriptions of your McMini’s is making me want to run out ASAP and get my butt to a McDonald’s. As always, thanks for sharing your eating adventures! Your posts are the best!

    1. Phines, this is a great excuse for you to visit Canada 🙂 McMini is a new product just launched by McD Canada. Though the grilled chicken one sounds healthy, don’t eat too many of them though. They are not exactly considered as healthy food. hehe.

  4. Lucky you! You’re having these for free! I think I wanted to try these too! They look really tasty though. I think maybe I have double! haha…. And then my waist also go double! haha….

    1. Kristy, I guess you have to visit Canada too 🙂 At the moment they only sell here. I had two sandwiches but it wasn’t full. Probably gonna need 3 or 4 of these. But it would be too fatty to eat 4 of these at one sitting. One is ok i guess:)

  5. It seems that pretty much every one of us believe that the mayo was unnecessary… When I got mine (I paid for it, BTW), they messed up with the order and, in the end, I had to go back to try all their versions. In the end, I still consider it is a decent product, though, for the price, I believe I can get something better.

    1. Yeah, I don’t see the point of Mayo. I guess because I’m Asian. I don’t even have mayo at home. 🙂 But the Pesto is already quite fatty, it doesn’t need more fatty mayo. I think you and I have the same conclusion. They are decent enough to try. As far as the value goes, they sure beat the hell out of the Judas goat bruschetta. lol.

  6. You started getting free eats? Way to go buddy! See, I kept supporting your blog even this is the very first time I left you a message here.

  7. I confess. I’m not a McD eater. But all this McMini advertizing got me curious. Last week, I took the dive and got a McMini Crispy Chicken with pesto. Hmmm, a chicken strip between a tiny baguette. And no mayo. Guess what …… it wasn’t half bad.

    Would I eat it again ? Yes. Would I eat it once a week … not likely. Once a month … maybe. One was actually enough to satiate me which keeps me from getting into trouble by ordering more.

    1. Hey LotusRapper, sounds like McD advertising works. lol. The pesto sauce was good. I haven’t tried the crispy chicken with pesto yet. But I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t eat it once a week either:)

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