Good Deals Don’t Come Often — $3 A&W Sirloin Uncle Burger

By Tana Kosiyabong

A&W Sirloin Uncle Burger

When Jason, my coworker, told me about the $3 Sirloin Uncle Burger special at A&W, my eyes lit up with delight. Even though I hadn’t planned on reviewing a burger this week, I decided to do so before the promotion is over. I’d had my fair share of A&W Mama and teen burgers in the past few years because they were normally on promotions. Ever since I tasted the Sirloin Baby Burger Twins four months ago, I wanted to try the Sirloin Uncle Burger too. But I didn’t want to pay the full price due to my cheapness. Finally the time had come.

A&W founded in Lodi, California in 1919 by Roy Allen and his partner, Frank Wright. Thirty seven years later, the first Canadian A&W restaurant was opened in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 1972, Unilever bought out the entire Canadian operation from the US chain. Hence the Canadian A&W no longer has any business tie to its American siblings. Since then, the Canadian chain has independently expanded the Papa Burger into a full line of burger family–Mama burger, Teen Burger and Grandpa burger to name a few. The US counterpart still only has the Papa Burger on the menu.

This week Cheap Appetite mission was quite straight forward. After wrapped up a big presentation on Friday, I headed to A&W at Dunsmuir and Seymour before I went home. As I reached the restaurant, the window poster confirmed the promotion is still on. For a limited time, the 5 oz Sirloin Uncle Burger is $3 (regular price $5.19). Add a dollar more for the Cheddar Bacon Uncle Burger. Since I had already given in to several sinful indulgences in the last few weeks, I reluctantly declined the latter option.

A&W Sirloin Uncle Burger package

Shortly after, the Uncle Burger was ready. It came in an aluminum foil paper bag similar to other burgers in the family. I really like the contrast of the retro design on the hi-tech looking bag. The burger was almost 4-inch diameter. Apart from the 5 oz sirloin patty, the rest of the ingredients were normally found in most traditional burgers (see the blue print for details).

A&W Uncle Burger blueprint

A&W Uncle Burger was simple and well-designed. None of the ingredients outshone the Sirloin beef, the leading star of this burger. The patty was cooked well done, yet still juicy on the inside. The ketchup and mustard were spread so thinly they played supporting roles to the beefy sirloin. The lettuce and onion added crunchy textures to the burger. The sour pickles and juicy tomato enhanced the overall taste. And the chubby mayo rounded everything up together.

A&W Sirloin Uncle Burger ingredients

At 268-gram serving size, the Uncle Burger is about twenty percent bigger than the Papa Burger (225 grams) , yet slightly lower in calories and saturated fat (560 calories and 11 grams vs. 580 calories and 13 grams). Thanks in part to the sirloin beef. The Cheddar Bacon Uncle burger is a 301-gram burger. It has 710 calories and 17 grams of saturated fat (46 grams of total fat).

After I finished the burger, I asked one of the staff about the promotional period. He said it would last until the end of March. So, you, my beloved readers, have a week to take advantage of this deal if you haven’t already done so. I’ll sure be back there at least once before the promotion ends. Who knows when A&W will offer the Uncle Burger special again.

A&W Sirloin Uncle Burger Receipt

A&W 5 oz Sirloin Uncle Burger ($3 promo price): ©©©© 1/2

A&W 5 oz Sirloin Uncle Burger (regular price): ©©©3/4

Remaining Budget: $280.14

Budget Spent: -$3

Budget Available: $277.14

For A&W restaurants near you, click here.

©2010 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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16 thoughts on “Good Deals Don’t Come Often — $3 A&W Sirloin Uncle Burger

    1. lululu, I love a&w burgers too. especially the $3 sirloin burgers :0) I don’t mind their root beer, but in small amount. I think a mug of that drink contains loads of sugar.

  1. I don’t eat at fast food chains often, but for fast food burgers, A&W is probably the best in their price range 🙂

  2. What a coincidence. I’m walking by an A&W today around lunch time. Tana was probably sending me telepathic messages to go in and get a Sirloin Uncle Burger. So I did, with a root beer. The burger was ok, but the patty was fairly dry with a chewy texture, not like their regular patties (I usually get Mama or Teen). The fixings were ok but the piece of lettuce seemed to be the end cap of the lettuce head, you know, the transparent piece with the knot and no taste. Oh well for $3 it was alright. Maybe I’ll try a different location next time.

    1. Aw man… Sorry to hear that you didn’t have a good experience with the Sirloin Uncle Burger. But I’m glad that my telepathic messages went through. lol. The Sirloin burger has a bit less fat than the mama or teen. Maybe that’s why it’s harder for them to cook a juicier burger. Yeah I like the leafy lettuce more than the end. But stay tune for the upcoming post. I’m sure you’ll like it more!

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