A Great Vancouver Burger to write home about—Vera’s Burger Shack: The Vera Burger with the Works.

By Tana Kosiyabong

Gastown Vera's Burger Shack: The Vera Burger

After hearing a CTV news reporter estimated fifty thousand visitors walking around Vancouver’s downtown core last Saturday night, I went out to experience this phenomenon firsthand. It was great to see Vancouver in such a lively vibe. Everybody seemed to enjoy the Olympic Spirit. As walking past a McDonald’s, I saw a long line of people waiting to get their burgers. I couldn’t help but wish I was able to change their minds. Not that I thought less of the McDonald’s. But chances are most visitors could get the same Big Mac or Quarter Pounder wherever they came from. If they are in the mood for burgers, why not try a great local burger joint like Vera’s Burger Shack instead?

Vera’s Burger Shack first opened its door in 1977. Back then it was just a beach concession. After thirty three years in business, they have become a successful burger chain boasting twelve locations throughout the Greater Vancouver area and still growing. Vera’s Burger Shack has won Vancouver’s Best Hamburger in the past five years.

The Gastown Vera’s Burger Shack is just a block from my place. It is located next to the famous Gassy Jack Statue. The interior brick wall contrasts well with the funky cow print pleather dining booths. As reaching the counter, I ordered my usual, the Vera Burger ($5.99) with “The Works.”

All burgers here come with “The Usual Suspect” toppings–ketchup, yellow mustard, relish, lettuce, and tomato by default. But you may opt for “The Works” toppings–ketchup, yellow mustard, Dijon mustard, honey mustard, relish, mayo, Vera’s sauce, lettuce, raw onions, tomato, hot peppers, hot sauce, pickles and BBQ sauce–at no extra charge. You can also create your own custom burger from the à la carte toppings (69 cents to $1.79 per item)–fried onion, guacamole and fried egg, just to name a few.

Vera's Burger Shack: The Vera Burger with the Works Blueprint

The Vera Burger with the Works came with a foil wrap. Once served, I wasted no time to uncover this pack full of beefy goodness. From the very first bite, I felt a big bursts of bold flavors as my taste buds was rudely awakened. “The Works” was jam-packed with various condiments competing for my attention. Even then the beefy taste still shone through. The well-seasoned patty was beautifully grilled until formed a crispy outer crust. Yet it was still soft and juicy on the inside. This 6-ounce patty is fifty percent bigger than the quarter pounder. It was large enough to make me full without a side order of fries. The bun was lightly toasted on the outside. The crunchy lettuce and pickles added interesting texture to the burger. Hot peppers enhanced my appetite even more. If you’re going for “The Works” toppings, do not wear your favorite shirt or dress, or better yet, bring your own bib. With those many condiments, messy drippings are unavoidable.

The Vera Burger with The Works (open-face)

The restaurant will make their burgers fresh to order. Be prepare to wait a bit longer than your typical fast food burger. But it’s definitely worth your time. So what are you waiting for? Give the Vera burger a try. You’ll sure have a great meal to write home about.

Enjoy the rest of Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Thanks for visiting us:)

Vera’s Burger Shack–the Vera Burger with the Works: ©©©© 1/2

Remaining Budget: $310.11
Budget Spent: -$5.99 ($3.75+$1.75)
Budget Available: $304.12

Vera’s Burger Shack Gastown is located at 213 Carrall Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada. (T) 604.568.5850 (Fax) 604.568.5850
For all Vera’s Burger Shack locations and phone/fax numbers, click here.
For Vera’s Burger Shack Menu, click here.

©2010 Tana Kosiyabong and CheapAppetite.com™. All rights reserved.

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19 thoughts on “A Great Vancouver Burger to write home about—Vera’s Burger Shack: The Vera Burger with the Works.

  1. Can’t believe it! You actually drew the sketches of the burger in details. haha…. Frankly, the burger looks really tempting & juicy & tender &&&&&&&….

    1. It is very fun here. I wish you could experience it yourself. I don’t know what we’re going to do after the Olympics:( But, on the other hand, Vancouver is great before the Olympics too:)

    1. Lululu, that’s a great question. Hmmm it’s really tough like you say. But I really like The Works topping at Vera’s. It makes all the difference. But your question really inspired me to review other great burgers in town like Whitespots in the near future. We have many great Canadian burgers here in Vancouver:)

  2. Question: Have Olympic visitors been roped into the usuals (McD’s, etc) or have they been trying to eat a little more local?
    OH, oh! Has anyone visiting Vancouver told you how awesome your site has been in finding places?

    1. Hey TR, the visitors can choose whatever they want. I’m sure many have tried our local food. Although there’s nothing wrong with choosing McDonald’s but I just hope all visitors try our local good eats. They can always get their usuals at home. I haven’t heard much from the visitors. But I do my best as a local food blogger to guide them to Vancouver’s cheap, good eats. It’s my way to say “welcome.”

  3. Glad you enjoyed your Vera burger, Tana. Love the diagram.

    I don’t eat gourmet burgers (or burgers in general) that much. But Vera’s is definitely a trustworthy one.

    There’s also a place called The Red Onion in Kerrisdale on W.41st (ironically almost directly across the street from McDonald’s) that’s been there since the late 80s. They provide a small selection but excellent honest basic burgers (ie: no gazillion toppings or combinations thereof). Accompaniments include great milkshakes, salads, handcut fries and an amazing pickle to die for. If all that’s not enough for your daily pig-out, wash that all down with their homemade pecan pie. Highly recommended when you leave the downtown core to where the “commoners” live 😉

    1. Hey Thanks LotusRapper. I’ve been to the Red Onion a few time complimentary of my boss. Their burgers are great like you said. One of these days I’ll have to write about them. I love the milk shake too! One strange thing is they don’t sell onion rings. What’s the point of naming the store Red Onion. But other than that they are definitely good. lol. I was planning on checking out the Hawker’s Delight last Saturday. But it was raining all day:( I’ll try again this weekend. Sounds like there are so many great restaurants out there where you, and the other commoners, live. lol. Gotta go check them out soon!

  4. I must say, that burger is beeee-yooooo-tiful! I’m definitely becoming more of a classic burger fan; if I go to a burger place that I’ve never visited before, I tend to get the classic/no frills burger first, just to be able to taste the burger, versus ones that are just piled on with too much extra stuff. And I’m glad you got to enjoy in the revelry of the Olympics right in your own city. It sounds like it was just a big nonstop party!

    1. The Olympics are finally over. It is much quieter now. After two weeks or so, I’m starting to get used to seeing a lot more people on the street everywhere I went. Now that things go back to normal, I’ll have to adjust myself a bit. I’m glad you like the burger shot:) For a no frills burger at Vera’s, you may ask for the Usual Suspect topping. I’m sure you’ll like it.

  5. Tana – I never thought of that, why The Red Onion don’t have onion rings ! I’d take onion rings over fries ANY day ! We should petition them to start making them, haha.

    Speaking of onion rings, Red Robin has pretty decent ones actually, and they’ve been consistent with them for +20 years.

    1. haha LotusRapper, I’m in with the petition for sure! Red Robin sounds familiar. But I don’t think I’ve been there yet. I have to google it. I love onion rings too.

  6. Went to Red Onion last night. Opted for their spinach salad instead. My dad had the burger. The entire family shared a single large basket of fries. All was good.

    While paying, I asked them why they don’t have onion rings. The simple answer is they only have the fryer dedicated to the fries, and don’t have enough kitchen space for another fryer for onion rings. I *hinted* at the fact that it’d be good business for them to add rings, esp. when it’s part of their namesake. The fellow said indifferently: “maybe in the next life”. I was disappointed. Sounds like they’re happy to just cruise along as they have been for the past 25 years or so, but not willing to add or change their menu.

    1. Ahh… that’s too bad. I was hoping one day they would add onion rings to the mix. I didn’t know that they have to have separate fryer for fries and onion rings. I thought they could use the same one. Some businesses are just happy to cruise along. I don’t think the petition will help in this case:) Thanks for letting me know LotusRapper.

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