5 Must Eats in Vancouver (Olympic Visitors Edition)

By Tana Kosiyabong

As the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics is getting closer, I’ve seen a drastic change in our downtown area. The city is all cleaned up nice and shiny. There are more visitors on the street than ever. Being a proud Vancouverite, I feel the urge to welcome them to my beloved city. So I compiled a list of food and drink I think visitors must try while they’re in town. Here are my 5 Must Eats in Vancouver (in no particular order):

1. British Columbia Salmon products. They are not exactly cheap eats. But if you can afford it, you must at least give it a try. Smoked wild sockeye salmon is one of the local delicacy. I also like to eat smoked salmon jerky with my congee. You can find BC salmon products at high-end restaurants, grocery stores, Granville Island Public Market, and specialty stores like Salmon Village. They are also great for Souvenirs.

2. Cypress Honey Lager from Granville Island Brewing. GIB is one of the best microbreweries in Vancouver. Cypress Honey Lager is a lightly hopped beer with a hint of Pure British Columbia’s Fraser Valley honey. Their new packaging is tastefully designed by me (shamelessly self-promoting), Bill (my boss), and the design studio team. Each packaging features a photo collage of local landmarks and sceneries in the neighborhood it named after. This makes a nifty souvenir too.

Beef Teri-Mayo by JapaDog

3. Beef Teri-mayo from JapaDog ($4.75). In the past two years or so, JapaDog has been overhyped by many local and international food critics/celebrity chefs. The novelty value is so high, this Japanese-Style hot dog vendor has topped Vancouver’s cheap eats list on urbanspoon.com. Although I don’t consider JapaDog “the Best in Vancouver,” I still think everyone must to try it once for the hype factor.

Poutine by Fritz European Fry House

4. Poutine from Fritz European Fry House. Poutine, originally from Quebec, has become a diner staple across Canada. Classic Poutine is made of french fries topped with light gravy and fresh cheese curds. But now there are so many variations out there. Medium poutine from Fritz cost $5. Plenty enough for a meal.

Canadian Maple Donut by Tim Hortons

5. Canadian Maple Donuts/Maple Dip Donuts from Tim Hortons. Maple Syrup is a quintessential Canadian sweetener. And Canadians love their Tim Hortons donuts. At 90 cents a piece, you can have them both. If you drink coffee, get a medium size (comparable to small coffee in the US) to go with the donuts. Asked for double-single (double cream, single sugar) or black. The donuts are plenty sweet already.

I also would like to recommend some of my favorites Cheap Appetite. Although they are not original to Vancouver or Canada, they are awesomely delicious. Click links below for the full reviews of these good, cheap eats in Vancouver:
1. Tacos from La Taqueria Taco Shop
2. Pad Krapow Gai/Nua from Thai Basil
3. Barbecue Chicken Pizza and Mexicana Pizza from Goldies Rustic Pizza
4. Ceremonial Matcha from Sawa Tea House
5. Chicken Noodle Soup from the Stock Market

NOTE: This is a bonus post. It’s not a part of Cheap Appetite annual budget.

©2010 Tana Kosiyabong and CheapAppetite.com™. All rights reserved.

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18 thoughts on “5 Must Eats in Vancouver (Olympic Visitors Edition)

  1. I’m going to miss the Olympics and I’m actually excited over here. But the food looks great and these are food that they should try during their stay in Vancouver. Nice photos.

    1. Is there any winter olympic broadcast in the Phillippines? I’m pretty sure there were none in Thailand. I don’t think we send athletes to winter olympics. But summer olympics is a different stories. Pretty big there. I recommended the food with the visitors in mind. I’m glad you think the same way:)

    1. Thanks 5starfoodie:) You should visit Vancouver sometimes. It’s a great city. It’s definitely very exciting here right now. Lots of visitors are already here. It’s going to be a fun Olympic:)

  2. these are top-notch choices! so canadian, mr tana the canada ambassador!
    and the salmon place looks really tempting, and i do believe the jerky will the go great with congee.

    1. haha, maybe I should get paid for being an ambassador. 🙂 Yeah I love the salmon jerky with congee, but they are expensive. I don’t normally have it at home. Only for special occasions I guess.

  3. What a fun post! Vancouver is on my “must see soon vacation list.” I need to write on Italian food recipes from Vancouver – any grand restaurants where I could find a menu? Vancouver knocks me out with its beauty. Dreaming of Vancouver in MN.

  4. Yum, yum, and oh yeah — YUM! I have much love for Tim Horton’s and the gravy-licious fries. I even love the ketchup and pickle-flavored chips! The hot dog sounds fantastic; I may try a ghetto version at home with some crumbled nori, as I don’t think I’ll be able to get to Vancouver during the Olympic mania. But very glad to watch on TV — so glad to see one of my favorite cities get the worldwide spotlight!! O Canada!

  5. I have been a big fan of your website, and really appreciate your dedication. I would like to pub my contribution to Cheap Appetite, since I religiously believe to share love on internet lol.
    I work at the heart of downtown, and for people who work also work here will understand the feeling when it comes to everyday lunch time. You are either sick at eating subway all the time, or you have to spend more money on the food you don’t think it’s worth that much. I was lucky to find out this “All-You-Can-eat Lunch Buffet”, it only cost $6.99 plus tax, but you can get main course, fruit, vagie. I was tearing with joy in my heart lol. The address is 530, Hornby street (1st Floor).

    1. Hi Carol, I’m really glad to hear from you. Thank you so much for being a big fan of my blog:) The All-You-Can Eat Lunch Buffet sounds really nice and very affordable. I will definitely put it on my list to try. Although I have had a fair share of Subway, I have to agree with you that I can’t eat them all the time. You’re lucky to work so close to the buffet place. Thanks again for sharing your favorite cheap appetite:) I hope to hear from you again soon. Cheers,

    1. I only watch the Olympics on TV too. I can’t afford expensive tickets. But just to walk around experiencing the Olympic vibe is already awesome. It’s really fun here. Thanks for visiting Belinda.

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