And the Cheap Appetite 2010 Food Budget is…

By Tana Kosiyabong

Well… not so fast. First I’d like to thank all voters who participating in our 2010 food budget poll. Especially thanks to Lululu, Wasabi Prime and TR from Kitchen-OCD who kindly left their comments and gave their supports throughout the year. For other voters who I didn’t write your name here, please don’t be jealous. I’d like to offer you special thanks too. I just don’t know who you are because all votes are anonymous.

Our 2010 food budget poll is a success. We received more votes than I previously anticipated. Although we didn’t get as many votes as the lame, ugly stepsister show “Canadian Idol” did, I’m very proud to see that there are plenty readers out there who actually read my stories and care enough to voice their opinions.

This poll is such an eye opener to me. I now realize what most my readers wants. It was mind-boggling to learn that only 3% of the readers wanted me to “Live like Scrooge.” (THANK YOU!) Moreover, “the Live a little” and “Live it up a notch” were neck and neck in the poll. The winning category managed to edge out the second place by a small margin. Without further ado, the Cheap Appetite 2010 food budget is… (DRUM ROLLS) …LIVE A LITTLE! ($350 a year.) Congratulations to those who got their wishes.

Cheap Appetite 2010 Food Budget

For those of you who voted for the “$300“ or “$400” budget, tough luck! You should’ve voted more. JUST KIDDING:) Please don’t be disappointed. I will try my best to include your wishes in the future stories.

At the bottom of each new stories, I will give you the breakdown of our Cheap Appetite 2010 food budget so you can track it along with me. I hope you will enjoy my new adventures in 2010. I look forward to sharing my delicious meals and new discoveries with you. Have a Happy New Year everyone!

Enjoy and Cheap Appétit.

©2010 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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16 thoughts on “And the Cheap Appetite 2010 Food Budget is…

  1. Happy New Year!!!Too bad I missed this poll 😦 I’d been neglecting my blog due to laziness,lol! But, I’m back for the year of the tiger!I’ll be a regular visitor again of your wonderful blog. May this year brings us more prosperity and good health ^_^

    1. Thanks for visiting Sassy. Glad to see you hear again. It took a lot of work to update my blog regularly. So, I understand your laziness. lol. But what matters is now you’re back on track! Look forward to your new posts this year. Have a great and prosperous new year!

  2. Hooray! I think this will be as Mr. Burns from the Simpsons would say an “Excellent” (finger tapping) year for Cheap Appetite. And thanks so much for the shout-out! Curses to that pesky Canadian Idol and its vote-hogging. Those singers wouldn’t be able to sing for their supper if there’s no supper to be had! If it wasn’t for this blog, where else will they get the best tips for budget-friendly, delicious local eats??

    1. haha, I think it will be too. $350 is a lot of dough. I’ll be able to live a little this year:) Yay! Oh yeah, and Canadian Idol sucks. But they got more votes than my blog:( Damnit. You’re right. They can’t sing on empty stomach. Well… I think the show was already canceled. So, I shouldn’t be bad-mouthing them. lol. Thanks again for your vote. I look forward to reading more of your brilliant work this year.

  3. Darn! I can’t believe I missed the polling opportunity! However, I am pleased to know that the budget that won is what I would have would have picked! Should be a super exciting year with regards to your posts and creativity!

    1. That’s ok Patty. Maybe next year:) I’m glad you like the wining budget. It gives me enough flexibility to come up with fun ideas without overspending. I look forward to writing more stories this year. Also I hope to see a lot of great work from Zomppa too! you guys are great.

  4. Is there such a thing as a vote? 😀 I guess I was too busy not to vote. Hmmm, there’s always a next time. I really enjoyed your blog and your writing. I “might” visit Vancouver soon.

    1. Yup it was on for about two weeks or so during the holidays period. So, you and many others were busy shopping:) hehe. No worries, there will be more to come. Let me know when you’re visiting Vancouver, Divana! It would be good to see you in person for once:)

    1. I hope you aren’t disappointed Natasha. I will try my best to balance between $5 and $10 budget. I look forward to seeing great recipes from you too. Your food always looks great and yummy.

  5. Oh no I missed the poll I think but I am sure you will do well with the budget. Not sure if you’ve been or blogged about Hawker’s Delight on Main Street but that is one place you can feast all within your budget. If only eating out in Vancouver is as cheap as it is in Asia as I recall being able to have a meal and drink for $3 or even less and I am sure you can attest. Looking forward to many more good recommendations from you in 2010.

    1. That’s ok Imkoonta. I’m sure there will be more polls in the future. I have never been to the Hawker’s Delight on Main Street but I will check it out for sure. In the mean time, if you want, you can submit your own review of Hawker’s Delight to me. I will definitely put it in to the Fan Favorites section. No pressure though.

      Food is much cheaper in Thailand for sure. $3 is enough for a good meal:) I’m going to visit Thailand soon. Can’t wait! Look forward to chat with you again soon:)

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