Cheap Appetite Needs You! Please Vote on Our 2010 Food Budget.

The year 2010 is just around the corner. Still I can’t make up my mind on the next year budget. So, I shamelessly decided to pass this hot potato onto you. Please vote on our Cheap Appetite 2010 food budget today. Pretty please.

I have three plans to propose. The budget you choose will dictate the kind of restaurants, recipes and/or perhaps food products I will write about next year. Please make sure you understand what each plan entails before you vote.

Plan A: $300/year (Live like Scrooge). This plan allows $5 budget on most weeks and $10 budget on eight weeks or so. This means I will generally write about really cheap food, fast food and perhaps groceries food products that fit the bill. No fancy stuffs.

Plan B: $350/year (Live a Little). This plan allows me to mix up between $5 and $10 budget. It will be more or less like what I’ve done this year. A nice mix of cheap and affordable meals.

Plan C: $400/year (Live it up a notch). This plan allows $10 budget for the majority of the meals. I’ll possibly be able to squeeze in one or two fifteen-dollar meals. However, there will be fewer $5 meals. If you vote for this plan, my stomach will forever be grateful. My wallet, however, will probably curse the hell out of you.

Please also feel free to suggest restaurants/food products you want me to review by submitting your comment at the end of this post. This vote will end on December 31st, 2009 at midnight. I will announce the result on January 4th, 2010. Please note that all the plans do not include GST, HST or gratuity.

©2009 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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6 thoughts on “Cheap Appetite Needs You! Please Vote on Our 2010 Food Budget.

  1. Vote-ified, and definitely cheering for the mid-range. No need to “Scrooge it” for a year, and you’ve clearly shown a sharp skill for finding good food for an inexpensive price!

  2. I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please, wallet and Tana don’t hate me. I put in $400 because I’m a little curious what Vancouver has to offer a family. Since my little 3 person family has been able to eat out on $20 and under at pretty decent restaurants (incl gratuity & tax), I figure add a little to your dining and perhaps it’ll give the room to think about the “Split Factor”.
    Now I feel guilty…. crap.

    1. No worries, TR. I don’t hate you. I can’t speak for my wallet though 🙂 Whichever you vote is fine with me. That’s why I put it up for vote. It’s still a tight race between two plans. But still 11 days to go. Anything can happen. Stay Tune!

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