Two Weeks of Free McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee. And the Cutie A&W Sirloin Baby Burger Twins.

By Tana Kosiyabong

Free McDonald's Premium Roast Coffee and A&W Sirloin Baby burger twins

Canada will become an even perkier country in the next two weeks, thanks to McDonald’s Canada free coffee promotion. Starting November 16th to 29th, during breakfast hours only, your neighborhood Mickey D’s will transform into coffee drinkers’ paradises. Though some franchisees may guilt the customers into purchasing extra items while they’re there, please be strong. Keep your poker face on. No need to buy anything else unless you want to.

McDonald’s had given away coffee during their premium roast relaunch back in April. It was a huge event for a cheapo like me. I sure enjoyed many cups of joe during those two weeks. Perhaps the promotion was a great success, McDonald’s brought it back a mere seven months later.

However, since I needed to write about this fantastic deal one day before it’s actually happened, I had to pay the full price for mine ($1.19 for small size which is equal to Tim Horton’s medium size). But you’ll get them free during the promotional period.

McDonald's Coffee Blueprint

Similar to Tim Horton’s, McDonald’s cashier asked if you’d like to add cream and sugar to the coffee. I found it very convenient this way. The redesigned cup and lid were well thought out. The double-layer cups eliminated the need for coffee sleeves. The high-rise lid and tilt-down top perfectly contoured to the upper and lower lips. The spill proof opening was easy to open and re-close. I wasn’t sure how McDonald’s coffee tasted like before the relaunch, but the new premium roast coffee was surprisingly good for its price. Great if you get it free. (It’s definitely a step up from the free coffee at my office.) According to the new cup, McDonald’s uses Arabica beans in their the premium roast coffee. The beans are more expensive and aromatic than the Robusta beans sold in most grocery stores. I like it enough to even drink them again after this next two weeks, but definitely not as often.

McDonald’s FREE Premium Roast Coffee: ©©©© 1/2

McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee: ©©© 1/2

A&W Sirloin Baby Burger Twins

Possibly inspired by the BK Burger shots, A&W Canada, for a limited time, offers the Sirloin Baby Burger Twins at $3.49, quite expensive for two tiny burgers. Although the price tag is a bigger eyesore than Ugly Betty, the twin burgers are extremely adorable. And most importantly, the sirloin beef flavor is hard to deny.

A&W Sirloin Baby Burger Blueprint

The Sirloin baby burger twins came in an aluminum foil bag similar to other A&W burgers in the family. The size of the buns was around 2-inch diameters. The burger patties were slightly smaller. The buns were grilled and spread with yellow mustard. The bottom one was then sprinkled with chopped red onions, topped with a patty, a slice of cheddar cheese and the top bun.

A&W Sirloin Baby Burger Twins

I ate the first burger as is. The mustard flavor went well with the sirloin beef. The burger patty was moist and nicely cooked. This tiny burger was surprisingly packed with big beefy flavor. The chopped onion added a little crunch to the burger, yet not too overpowered. The cheddar cheese was a step up from the process yellow slices used in most burger chains.

I added ketchup to the second burger. Although I normally like the combo of the red and yellow condiments, they started to get in the way of the sirloin flavor. The twin lasted about 5-6 delicious bites each.

Though they were not big enough for a full meal, the A&W Sirloin Baby Burger twins were good for the afternoon snacks. The big beefy flavor justified the hideous price tag. For just 29 cents more, however, I could have got two McDoubles to go with the free coffee. It’s the quality vs. quantity. You decide what’s best for you.

A&W Sirloin Baby Burger Twins: ©©© 1/2

©2009 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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18 thoughts on “Two Weeks of Free McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee. And the Cutie A&W Sirloin Baby Burger Twins.

  1. I hate mini burgers. I hate sliders. Burgers should not be small, they should be huge, messy and greasy.

    Stop it food industry, stop it.

    Oh yea, I’m not a coffee drinker but I’ll pick up some coffee these next two weeks!

    1. I don’t mind the mini burgers. They are not enough for a meal, but good for an afternoon snack. But the baby twin is a bit pricey to eat often. I like the sirloin beef though.

      Yeah, pick them up while they’re free!

  2. I love the diagrams — so informative and helpful in the quest to find the most useful coffee cup and delicious burger. The look of sliders is definitely cute, but they do seem fad-ish to me, only because I see infomercials for a slider-making pan on late night TV. I still like the regular-sized burgers, but admire the little ones from afar. The free coffee plan was here as well — I don’t know if they’ve brought it back, but it definitely got people into the Golden Arches!

    1. I’m glad you like the blue prints. It took me a while to do them. So, you’d better like them. lol. Which infomercial were you talking about, Wasabi? I didn’t realize they offered free coffee in the US too. That must cost tons of money. So many more people in the US. I’m glad they did it though. I like free stuff. hehe.

  3. I absolutely love your style with all those blue prints to show us the tiniest details. I love McDonald’s coffee. They’re better than Seattle’s Best Coffee. That’s in the Philippines. I hope they’re recyclable. 😀

    1. I’ve never try Seattle’s Best Coffee. But McDonald’s coffee was surprisingly decent. I’m glad you like the blue prints. It took me a while to do them. And I’m pretty sure that the cup and lid are recyclable. But not sure if they have a facility to recycle plastic no.6 in British Columbia.

    1. They are cute for sure. And two of them are not even equal to one big one. You’ll probably need 4. So, i think they are a bit pricey. But I didn’t mind their size. They are good for when you crave burgers but you’re on diet. lol.

    1. Thanks penny. I’m glad you like the blueprints. I like A&W. In Canada, they named all their burgers after family members, eg. papa burger, mama burger, teen burger, etc. I think it’s a cute idea. Although it’s hard to tell from the name what the heck papa burger has. I’m not sure if they named them differently in other countries.

  4. Mini burgers! Isn’t that great? Just perfect for my diet…haha… unless I don’t eat more than one! McDonald always me & my kids favourite…. So, McDonald here we come.

  5. Just stumbled across your blog in my aimless internet wanderings and I LOVE it!! Since I moved to Van I’ve been thrilled to find cheap and delicious eats everywhere I go.
    I’ve also overloaded on free McDix coffee…my heart can’t take much more but the freeness is so. darn. tempting. *sigh*

    1. HEY JACKIE,
      welcome to Glad to see you here. Thanks for checking out my blog. You’ll definitely find lots of cheap, good eats here. Good to know that you’re overloaded with free McD coffee!:) I love it too.

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