Numero Uno Pizza vs. Megabite Pizza. Whose pizza reigns supreme?

By Tana Kosiyabong

Numero Uno pepperoni pizza vs Mega Bite pepperoni pizza

I had promised to write about Numero Uno Pizza and their nemesis, Megabite Pizza, since I reviewed Goldies Rustic Pizza a few months back. But I got side tracked by other story ideas that keep popping up in my head like mushrooms in late fall. With no further a due, this week Cheap Appetite mission will take care of this unfinished business.

As far as I know, Numero Uno has been on the Granville Street night entertainment scene for a long time now. I cannot verify if they were the first pizza joint in the area, but their success had spawned many other copy cats. Their signature sesame seed crust did make a believer out of me. The original Numero Uno at 708 Davie Street could be described as a hole in the wall pizza joint when I first found it. It was all about the cheap, tasty pizza back then.

Megabite, however, was the latecomer in the Granville Street pizza battlefield. Similar to the nearby competitors, they also catered to the locals during the day, and the bar-crawlers during late night hours. Somehow, Megabite had flourished against all odds. I believed a part of their success came from the closer site to the surrounding bars, and their retro shabby chic decorative style that had set them apart in the eyes of the customers.

But the old champion, Numero Uno, wasn’t gonna go down without a fight. They opened a newer and bigger joint across the street from their biggest nemesis. Megabite, however, did survive the retaliation and managed to fight back with the good old one-two punch. They launched a couple more stores in downtown Vancouver. One of them was only a block north of the Numero Uno new store. The other was just off Robson st on Thurlow st. Numero Uno threw a swing back with a new store at Robson st and Howe st, a mere 3 blocks away. The fight between these two rivals still goes on. And I have no idea who will eventually conquer the battle. But, for now, I can tell you whose pizza reigns supreme in my humble opinion.

Mega Bite pepperoni pizza

My first stop for this week mission was Megabite at 1005 Granville Street. It’s the first Megabite on Granville Street. The store was located next to the Chop Shop, the famous reality TV hair salon on Slice channel. To make a more generic comparison, I chose a slice of pepperoni pizza ($2 tax included).

The pepperoni toppings were huge. The pizza had a thick doughy crust. The outer edge was topped with sesame seeds, similar to Numero Uno’s signature crust but not as good. I counted roughly 3-1/2 slices of pepperoni on this slice. The creamy garlic and black pepper sauce (self-served) was quite thick and creamy as if the pizza alone wasn’t enough to trigger a cardiac arrest. Some customers love to add this sauce on top of their pizzas, but I prefer dipping it on the side.

Numero Uno pepperoni pizza

After I finished with Megabite, I walked across the street to Numero Uno at 1020 Granville Street. This new store was the Numero Uno’s first attempt to fight back. It looked a bit bigger though not as hip as the rival’s. Other than the sparing use of Mexican flag color scheme, the store lacked a unique character.

Fortunately, when I stepped inside, there was one last pepperoni slice left in the glass display. So I snatched it before someone else did. A slice of pizza was also priced at $2 (tax included). At first glance, the Numero Uno’s slice looked a bit better, yet greasier than the rival’s. So greasy my heart was pounding with fear. The crust was also thick and doughy. The sesame seed outer crust was a bit crispier. The pepperoni count, however, was at only 2-1/2 slices. Perhaps it’s just the luck of draw. More samples were needed to make these counts statistically significant. The garlic black pepper sauce was a bit runny and not as garlicky as Megabite’s. The spicy sauce was really spicy.

It was really difficult to pick the winner of these two rivals. Both have their own pros and cons. If I were a drunken frat boy, I would go with whichever nearest to the bar. But as a food lover, I chose Numero Uno as a winner by a hair. Their signature sesame seed crust came to the rescue.



©2009 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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23 thoughts on “Numero Uno Pizza vs. Megabite Pizza. Whose pizza reigns supreme?

  1. 2001 Flavours! No, really, if I wanted pizza for lunch, I would rather go there than Megabite or Numero Uno. At that time of the day, there is a really high turnaround so pretty much every pizza is “fresh”.

    1. Thanks Kimho:) Since the Goldies rustic pizza opened on the 600 block of pender st, I hardly get the pizza from 2001 flavours and other pizza joints on the 500 block. But you make me wanna try 2001 flavours again! I’ll stop by them soon.

  2. haha, I have the bad dubbed voiceover from Iron Chef in my head, yelling, Whose Cuisine Reigns Supreme?! I haven’t tried these places, but I think Numero Uno may have been in California, but it was just called Uno Pizza, which I remember enjoying. This makes me want to go out and compare the local pizza chains in the area!

    1. wasabi, I love the original Iron Chef. Not a big fan of the US version though. I’m not sure if numero uno and the one in california are the same chain or not. But I’d love to see your comparison post on your neighborhood pizza chains for sure.

  3. I do love a good cheap pizza! Agree with Jessie above me. The Pizza War is raging intensely here in NYC – and I haven’t tried it all yet! Curious to see what someone with a Cheap Appetite would have to say about them 😉

    1. Shelly, It’s been a long time since my last visit to new york city. I used to live there for about a year. But it’s so long ago. I’d love to try NYC pizza again. Do they sell pizza by slice there too? How much per slice?

  4. i will be off to thurlows and robston on fri for a meeting, may try numero uno over there afterward.
    not to compare with megabite or what, just by looking at your pizza photo, my crave just got initiated!

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