Cheap Appétit Recipe 002: Wasabi Leftover Turkey Salad Sandwich.

By Tana Kosiyabong

wasabi leftover turkey salad sandwich

Canadian Thanksgiving always catches me off-guard. This year was no different. I totally forgot about it until last week. Once I found out, I started to panic. I had no clue where I could review a Thanksgiving turkey dinner under $5. I don’t know how to roast a turkey or bake a pumpkin pie either. “Oh boy! What am I gonna do?,” I murmured repeatedly.

It was impossible to think while having a panic attack. I had to calm down. So, I took a hot bath. Eureka! I jumped out of the bathtub like the enlightened Archimedes. (But I knew better than to run naked through the city like he did.) I can make good use of leftover turkey. People have tons of them for days, if not weeks, after Thanksgivings.

Still naked and soaking wet, I declared a new Cheap Appetite mission: How to make Wasabi leftover turkey salad sandwich under $5. The big problem was the turkey. It would be easier to get “technically free” leftover turkey after Thanksgiving. But how could I find cheap roasted turkey before then?

First idea was the Stouffer’s frozen turkey dinner I bought on sale last week for $2.50. Another one was to buy roasted turkey slices from the deli. Eventually, I decided to go with the turkey slices because I wanted to save the frozen dinner for my thanksgiving night. Then the rest of the ingredients easily fell into place. I got all but one of the ingredients at either home or Urban Fare.

Now don’t pass judgment until you hear why I shopped at this fancy grocery store. At Urban Fare, I could buy my ingredients in small amounts instead of purchasing the whole package. As an added perk I could grab the free mayo packs from their food court*. Since I bought turkey slices and a couple of other ingredients from them, I think it’s fair to use their free mayo.


wasabi leftover turkey salad sandwich ingredients

– 100 grams of leftover turkey meat cut into small chunks (technically free). I used smoked turkey slices as a substitute ($2.67).

– 20 grams of craisins (75 cents). You can use raisins, dry mangos, or even cranberry sauce as a substitute.

– 20 Wasabi peas (20 cents). You can use any chopped nut as a substitute.

– 1 hard-boil egg (30 cents). Chop it into small cubes. If you don’t like eggs, add some more turkey.

– 4 12ml-packs or 31⁄4 tablespoons of mayo (Free). If you don’t like mayo, try the same amount of ketchup or barbecue sauce instead. But hold off on the lemon juice.

– 1-2 teaspoons of wasabi paste (10 cents). (I got it from T&T supermarket.)

– 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice (20 cents).

– 4 slices of bread (50 cents).

– 2 slices of cucumber as garnish. Stole it from my bird diet. (optional)

– 1 clove of garlic. Finely chopped or pressed. (optional)

– Leftover gravy. (optional)

This recipe makes enough salad for two sandwiches. (I forgot to put bread, lemon, salt and pepper in the above photo. My bad.)


step 1

STEP 1: Mix 4 packs of mayo, and 1 teaspoon of wasabi paste together. Make sure there’s no lump left. Taste the mixture. Add more wasabi if needed, half teaspoon at a time. (Once I was satisfied with the amount of wasabi, I still felt like something was missing. Suddenly, I could hear Chef Gordon Ramsay yelled “YOU FORGOT THE LEMON JUICE, YOU DONKEY!” in the back of my head. Fortunately I got a lemon in the fridge.) Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to the mixture. Taste it again. Add more lemon juice if needed. Then add salt and pepper to taste.

Step 2

STEP 2: Add turkey and craisins or other dry fruits into the wasabi mayo. Normally, there’s no garlic in a mayo-based salad. But I can’t help it. I’m Thai, not a Vampire – I love garlic. If you like garlic, add it here. Mix well. If you decide to use cranberry sauce, spread it on the bread instead.

Step 3

STEP 3: Add chopped eggs and wasabi peas. Fold them in gently. If you’re not going to eat the salad right away, DO NOT put the wasabi peas in yet. Add them in later just before you want to eat the sandwich. Mayo-based salads usually taste better the next day. But it doesn’t mean you have to wait if you’re hungry.

Step 4

STEP 4: Put the salad on a piece of bread. Add cucumber and egg slices on top. Sandwich it with another piece of bread. You can use any kind of bread you like. Toasted or not, up to you.

Wasabi Leftover Turkey Salad Sandwich on Plate

STEP 5: If you have leftover turkey gravy, warm it up. Dip your sandwich in the gravy as you eat. I wish I had some. Damnit!

Looking for another exotic recipe using leftover turkey? Check out Cheap Appetit recipe No. 001. Just replace the mushroom with your leftover turkey, bring the green curry to a boil. No need to simmer.

Have a happy Canadian Thanksgiving and Cheap Appétit.


*I DO NOT condone this behavior. Try it at your own risk.

©2009 Tana Kosiyabong and™. All rights reserved.

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22 thoughts on “Cheap Appétit Recipe 002: Wasabi Leftover Turkey Salad Sandwich.

  1. That looks really good. I think you have quite an adventure. I actually forgot it’s Thanksgiving in Canada. I wouldn’t even roast a whole turkey even if I’m living in Canada alone unless I’m being invited by someone or I do entertaining. Great job on that one.

    1. Thanks Divana. It was fun trying to figure out how to get all the ingredients under the budget. Sounds like Canadian Thanksgiving caught you off guard too:) I have never roasted a whole turkey myself. It’s too much work for a single person like me. Happy Thanksgiving:0)

  2. i looooooooooooooove the interesting twist u did for thxgiving!
    honestly, who needs a turkey dinner review when everyone is gonna hv it anyway? what to do with the leftover turkey comes way more practical!
    we usually use it to make chinese style congee with dried scallop and preserved duck egg.
    but your sandwich is really extraordinary that i just grabbed my husband and showed it to him. i’m so hving it for lunch tomo cos i cant wait to check out how it tastes with the combination of wasabi and dried fruit.
    will keep u posted my review. 😛

    1. I’m glad you love this post lululu. You’re quite right about the turkey dinner review. Most people will have them at home anyway. The turkey congee with dried scallop and preserved egg sounds awesome. I love congee. Just had one a couple days ago. Too bad they didn’t have the deep-fried Chinese donut to eat with. I’m glad you will try the wasabi turkey salad. I’d love to know how you like it. Keep me posted please:) Happy Thanksgiving:)

  3. Brilliant! Wasabi Prime loves Wasabi Sandwiches!! By the way, belated Happy Thanksgiving! It must be so nice to have Thanksgiving right at the peak of autumn, since the leaves are looking so beautiful, and this weekend’s weather (at least in this area) was amazing!

    1. Yeah I thought that you would like it too! You were not late. Today’s the Thanksgiving day. The weather here are nice, but a bit cold. Tree leaves starting to change color now. Very pretty. Happy Thanksgiving Wasabi.

  4. Justifying thievery through purchases… I like. I can’t say anything, my college breakfast for a solid month consisted of leftover coffee from classmates and honey and ketchup packets from McDonalds. Don’t ask me why, I had plenty of moola. ::shakes head::

    1. That’s for the Wasabi. It’s a rare find item. I’ve been in and out many grocery stores before I found one for 10 cents. I almost gave up and bought sushi for dinner. Then keep the wasabi for the recipe.

  5. Brilliantly interesting sandwich! I love it, despite the fact it may put hairs on your chest 😉

    Canadian thanksgiving totally slipped my mind. When I was living there last year I made my very first ever pumpkin pie for thanksgiving. I wish I had a slice now.

    1. Hairy chest is considered sexy in some countries. lol. just kidding. You can reduce the wasabi amount if it’s too strong. That why I suggested to add it a bit at a time. Then taste to see if you need more.:) Wow, you are way ahead of me. I don’t think I can bake pumkin pie myself.

  6. i didnt get a chance to try this sandwich until lunch today.
    tana, i hv to say the taste of mayo+wasabi+dried cranberries is very interesting, but in a positive way that i really enjoyed it. my husband’s sandwich hd no dried cranberries in it as he doesnt like dried fruit, after his first bite, he’s all “why didnt u come up with that simple combination of mayo and wasabi, it’s so freaking good!”
    we should’ve put a little bit more wasabi. as i tasted it b4 i spread on the sandwich, i thot it’s enuf. but when it went with turkey and sthg else, the wasabi taste was kinda “overwhelmed” a little bit.
    i will definitely put this mayo+wasabi spread on my any other sandwiches in the future.
    thx a lot for this fantastic creation!

    1. Hey lululu,
      I’m so glad you and your husband enjoyed the wasabi turkey sandwich. I apologize that my recipe is not exact. I wrote it from the way I cook. I normally don’t measure the ingredients. lol. I rely on my taste buds instead. Anyway, I’m glad that you didn’t follow the recipe every step of the way. Everyone likes their food differently. You made your own adjustment, and rely on your own taste buds. You know what taste best to you:) Thanks again for your update. You just made my day!

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