The most important cheap meal of the day – Bon’s off Broadway breakfast special.

By Tana Kosiyabong


I’m not a morning person. And I normally don’t have time for breakfast. I just drink a glass of milk or soymilk and run out the door. On the weekends, I wake up around 10 am to let my pet parrotlet “Giant” out of his cage for a couple of hours or until he gets on my nerves. It takes me at least an hour to collect myself and be more social. I prefer not to talk to anyone during this first hour.

Since I’m not a morning person, I hardly know any breakfast joints in town. While I was at a video shoot last week, Larry, my client, told me about this cheap breakfast joint in East Vancouver called Bon’s. It sounded really interesting. And cheap. That was how this Cheap Appetite mission started.

It was Saturday morning. As planned, I woke up at 9:30 am and took time to collect myself and do the morning routine. I left my condo at twenty past ten, still a bit grumpy. My bird was mad at me because I didn’t have time to let him out. Then I hopped on the No. 7 bus heading to Bon’s (just off Broadway on Nanaimo Street). When I was there, it was already packed. But luckily I only waited about 5 minutes for a table.

After being seated, I ordered the breakfast special ($2.95 tax included) – two eggs of your choice, pan fried potatoes, bacon or ham or sausage, and two pieces of toast. I wanted scrambled eggs, ham, and a coffee ($1 extra, free refill). It took about 30 minutes before the breakfast special arrived. So if you were going there by yourself, I’d recommend you bring a book or a knitting project with you. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any. I don’t know how to knit anyway. But it wasn’t so bad. There were tons of people to watch. Plenty of fun characters ate their breakfast at Bon’s. The most unique one that morning was a 70 years old man who thought it was too hot inside. So he decided to take his shirt off in the middle of the restaurant. Not a pretty sight, but interesting indeed.

Once the breakfast arrived, I wasn’t disappointed. Although my scramble eggs looked more like an omelet, it was a damn good one. The pan-fried russet potato was crusty and crispy on the outside, but not too greasy. It was fried with the skin on, which is, in my opinion, the best. Hope they washed their potatoes well though. The ham was also fried nicely. The toast was the toast. The coffee was not a Starbucks fresh brew, but who cares. Bon’s service was acceptable. Though I had to refill the coffee myself, I didn’t expect the same service I would get from a fancy restaurant. Otherwise, I would have to move to La-La Land. It’s a $2.95 breakfast for Pete’s sake. And that brought up an interesting question. Who the hell is Pete?

I enjoyed my time at Bon’s. The breakfast special is a cheap, good eats. It definitely qualifies as a Cheap Appetite. The only problem is it cost me 5 bucks to get there and come back. I could have had a breakfast nearby for $7.95. But I’m glad to know that Bon’s serves breakfast all day. I don’t have to wake up early if I decide to go back there next time. That’s my kind of breakfast joint.

Bon’s Breakfast Special: ©©©© ¼

P.S. It’s about 8 pm now and I’m still not hungry. What a breakfast!

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19 thoughts on “The most important cheap meal of the day – Bon’s off Broadway breakfast special.

  1. This breakfast looks totally worth waking up early for! Thanks for sharing this delicious find!! I do love breakfast for no other reason than the fact I can go on a carbo-overload with bread and potatoes, and that’s enough of a treat for me!

  2. Hey Wasabi prime,
    Thanks for your comment. I like carb too:) The pan fried potato here is really delicious. I’d go back there just for that.

  3. Looks good, and certainly is cheap, but I think a half naked old man may be able to succeed where many other have failed and actually put me off my breakfast.

    Glad your potatoes weren’t naked though 😀

    1. haha, It wasn’t that bad. But I’m glad he’s a few tables away from mine. The potatoes were definitely great with the clothes on:)

    1. Thanks Cookin’ Canuck. There is a cheaper breakfast, actually. But smaller portion. I’ll write about it soon. Stay Tune!

    1. Thanks Trent. Denny’s Grand Slam is cheaper than $2.95? I didn’t know that. Are you talking about Denny’s in Canada? If so, I’d like to check it out.:)

  4. Mr. Kosiyahoobong. Great review and at that price I will be checking it out this weekend. Did you get caught looking at the man-boobs?

    1. Hey thanks BMAC,
      Luckily I already have some milk for my coffee. So, I don’t need to find another source:) Let me know how you like Bon’s.

  5. We used to go to Bons often, but grew tired of it. The pic makes it look better than it is. For $2.95 it is a deal, but it can be greasy, and the potatoes can be a bit low quality. The eggs are wee.

    I do care about coffee to a degree, and I find really cheap quality coffee makes me feel bitchy.

    I did go recently, and it was fun to be there again, because it is a great east side scene, and if you get your own coffee it takes away the service issue, but for $2.95 it is acceptable, but not too often.

    Thanks for the posting thou.

    1. Hey Jahvay,
      Thanks for your comments. I always welcome all the opinions and feedback:) lol. I hear you about the cheap quality coffee. If you’re tired of Bons, perhaps you should try Dockers on Powell St or Regal Beagle pub on Broadway. I’ve never been there yet, but I heard on Chowhound that they at least nicer than Bon’s for a dollar more. I’ll have to try them both soon. Let me know what you think:)


  6. LOL, good observation on your first visit about the interesting characters. We used to go there few years ago when we lived in the area. My boyfriend loved but I found bit too greasy as I am the morning queasie type. I wonder if you checked out Sake Make on Commercial? Yummy! They have ‘Asia Dinner Special’ and for ten bucks you can have 3 items (

    1. Hey Beata, I’m glad to hear from you. I haven’t been back to bon’s since I wrote about it. Well… there was one time on the way back from the writing class I wanted to have their breakfast special again, but they were so packed that I couldn’t wait. So I bailed out. The Sake Make sounds really good and reasonable. I will try to check it out soon. Thanks for visiting:) Oh btw your site is amazing. It so huge and informative. I will revisit for sure.

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