The best pizza in Vancouver – Goldies Rustic Pizza

By Tana Kosiyabong

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The five hundred block of West Pender Street is famously known for its densely populated pizza-by-slice joints in downtown Vancouver. Four joints, in total, are opened within this same block. The popularity of these pizza joints has recently spread into the six hundred block where the newcomer, Goldies Rustic Pizza, is located. This newcomer is unique compared to the nearby joints.

Being a cheapo myself, I normally buy pizza by slice rather than the whole pie. This means I’m quite familiar with pizzas from these 5 joints. The price per slice was ranged from $1.25 to $2 until recently Goldies has raised its price to $2.50, twice the price of the cheapest competitor.

Though I’m still slightly upset with the unexpectedly new price, Goldies is by far my most favorites of them all. It’s in a different league from the others. The pizzas are carefully crafted and available in both “Artisan” (white wheat) and “Whole Wheat” crusts. They are displayed beautifully on the butcher-block counters inside the glass windows — instead of under the heat lamp in a display case. Each individual slice is reheated to order. If you time it perfectly, you could catch a freshly baked pizza hot from the oven. The toppings are of high quality and well thought out. My most favorites are the Mexicana and the Roast Chicken.

The Mexicana combination of 3 different cured meats – ham, capicolli, and Mexican salami – match perfectly with the spicy chipotle sauce. The fresh sweet pepper and corn help tone down the heat and add different textures. The Artisan crust is thin and heavenly crispy. I highly recommend it. For the health conscious crowd, the whole wheat crust is delicious, but not as crispy.

The Roast Chicken, though slightly drier than usual, is still awesomely delicious. A generous portion of chicken goes well with the sweet barbecue sauce, sweet pepper and Spanish onion. The crust is, again, awesome.

Obviously, I’m very satisfied with the taste of the food. Yet I have one dilemma left to resolve: Is Goldies’ pizza a genuine Cheap Appetite or just a plain old Good Eat? Keep in mind that it costs at least a dollar more than the competitors down the block. After a lengthy deliberation of 5 seconds, however, I declare that Goldies’ Mexicana and Roast Chicken pizzas are Cheap Appetite certified! Well… as long as the owner does not hike the price up to $3 in the near future. Due to the recent price increase, however, I cannot award Goldies the full five Cheapos.

The staffs at the Goldies are very nice and collaborative. Unaware of my mission, Carlos, one of the staff, allowed me to take pictures of the pizzas and the price tags. He even suggested the shaker bottles for the background. Thanks man.

Goldies Rustic Pizza is double as a local dive bar for those who love to drink. The pizza is also made to order: $10 to $12 for 8″and $19 to $21 for 17″

I cannot end this review without mentioning the two contenders of the best pizza–by–slice downtown Vancouver: The Numero Uno pizza and the Megabite pizza on Granville Street. These two joints may not be as crafty as Goldies, but they are also great and yet affordable. I will do a smackdown review of these two joints within a month from now. Stay Tune!

Goldies Mexicana Pizza with the Artisan crust: ©©©©½

Goldies Roast Chicken Pizza with the Artisan crust: ©©©©

Goldies Rustic Pizza, 605 West Pender Street, Vancouver. 604.681.0650

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